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Professional Practice Services

3 de enero de 2024

Realize outstanding results from Care Planning with Elsevier’s Professional Practice Services to guide you. The team combines over 35 years of clinical expertise with first-class consultation services to advance your interprofessional practice.

Benefits of adding Professional Practice Services

Drive a meaningful Care Planning adoption with expert guidance  With an individualized adoption plan, you can improve point-of-care workflows and usage of evidence-based content to strengthen clinical practice.  

Empower your organization with sustainable best practices  Together, we can advance a culture of patient-centered, team-based care and sustain real practice change that benefits your patients, clinicians, and organization. 

Professional Practice Services’ Five-Phase Adoption Plan

  1. Strategy & Planning Developing an adoption strategy on the value of care plans and interprofessional engagement, and driving a workplan with your key leaders

  2. Engagement Educating your interprofessional leaders and project stakeholders to understand the change impact and build clinical expertise

  3. Preparation Reviewing content for alignment of practice across the organization and developing practice champions

  4. Activation Providing virtual go-live support and monitoring

  5. Optimization & Sustainability Managing post-live evaluations and a plan for your team’s ongoing education

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“Professional Practice Services help us understand an effective model of care and a framework to follow and use. This was the cornerstone to how all staff were able to ‘get on the same page’ and achieve early and effective adoption in 10 months.” 


Current Customer

What Care Planning customers are saying about Professional Practice Services:

  • “There is no comparison for the depth, breadth and experience of Elsevier’s Professional Practice Services.” 

  • “The decision to invest in Professional Practice Services was the best budgetary decision this system has made in at least the past five years.” 

  • “Professional Practice Services gave us focus and direction for establishing interprofessional practice. We would never have gotten there without [their] help.” 

Contact us to see how Elsevier’s Professional Practice Services and Care Planning can benefit your organization.