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Data statement

Scientific results are only as strong as they are reproducible, so being able to identify and use research data is vital to building knowledge.

To help make all scientific data more transparent, a number of Elsevier journals encourage their authors to state the availability of their data. With the data statement, authors can be transparent about the data they used in an article and make statements about its availability together with their published article.

Data statement at a glance

With a data statement, an author can provide information about the data presented in an article and provide a reason if data is not available to access. View this example articlese abre en una nueva pestaña/ventana where the data statement will appear under the 'research data' section from the article outline.

Benefits for authors and readers:

  • Increases transparency

  • Allows compliance with data policies

  • Encourages good scientific practice and encourages trust

How does it work?

Check the guide for authors of the journal of your choice to see your options for sharing research data. The majority of Elsevier journals will have integrated the option to create data statement directly in the submission flow. You will be guided through the steps to complete the data statement during the manuscript submission process.

Why should I share my research data?

There are so many good reasons! Find out more and discover how you can share research data with Elsevier.