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ClinicalPath with Epic™

Embed evidence-based oncology pathways in your clinical workflow to support high quality cancer care.

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ClinicalPath integrated with Epic, working to improve clinical decision support in oncology.

Evidence-based oncology pathways from ClinicalPath provide support for your physicians to deliver clinically and financially sound, predictable decisions, from within the workflow in Epic.

When you take advantage of the ClinicalPath SMART on FHIR integration with Epic, your physicians can launch oncology pathways from the patient chart in Epic to view treatment options specific to the patient presentation. You’ll also support care standardization and evidence-based care delivery across your organization.

With Epic integration in ClinicalPath, you can:  

  • Reduce and speed up administrative work for your physicians 

  • Help to minimize risk of errors stemming from manual data entry 

  • Facilitate accurate and timely treatment order entry 

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Advance your oncologists’ workflow

  • When physicians navigate a patient’s chart in Epic, they can launch ClinicalPath, pull staging data from Epic with one click, and view patient-specific cancer treatment options that incorporate the key factors of efficacy, toxicity and cost.

  • The treatment selected in ClinicalPath is automatically queued up to be ordered in Epic. This approach helps to speed up the physician’s workflow and reduce the risk of errors stemming from manual data entry.

  • Data from the pathway navigation is written back to Epic as a physician note, including a summary of the patient presentation, disease characteristics and treatment selected, and captured in a structured manner for use by your analytics team.

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