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Porque se esfuerza por descubrir cómo ayudar mejor a sus pacientes

ClinicalKey facilita el acceso a medicina basada en la evidencia. Permite a los profesionales clínicos actualizar constantemente sus conocimientos con recursos desde respuestas rápidas en el punto de cuidado a información avanzada de referencia.

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Un apoyo a la mejora de la atención con acceso rápido a recursos

Elevate clinician expertise

Clinicians gain a powerful ally with ClinicalKey AI by providing quick access to trusted clinical knowledge and allowing them to focus on what truly matters, quality patient care.

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unlock the power of AI

Promote responsible use of innovative technology in decision making

With technology used by over 30,000 clinicians, ClinicalKey AI is specifically designed for medical application. Additionally, experienced clinicians are dedicated to continuously testing and evaluating the accuracy of ClinicalKey AI’s output.

  • Instill confidence that AI tools are designed to support clinicians rather than to replace them.

  • Adopt innovation in clinical decision making with sensible guardrails.

  • Elevate clinicians’ knowledge and show you are making investments to support their professional journey.

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2024 MedTech Breakthrough Award for AI Innovation

Winner of the 2024 MedTech Breakthrough Award for AI Innovation

ClinicalKey AI was recognized for:

  • Allowing clinicians to ask questions naturally while getting an answer in a fraction of the time.

  • Having trusted medical content available through ClinicalKey AI which allows clinicians to explore a variety of disease conditions and treatment options.

  • Giving hospitals the ability innovate with sensible guardrails and utilize vetted AI tools specifically designed for clinical application.

Read the press release here

MedTech Breakthrough Award for AI Innovation for ClinicalKey AI

Developed responsibly

For over 10 years, Elsevier has used AI and machine learning responsibly in our products, combining it with unparalleled peer-reviewed content, extensive data sets and sophisticated analytics. 

ClinicalKey AI is developed in line with Elsevier's Five Responsible AI Principles

  1. We consider the real-world impact of our solutions on people. 

  2. We take action to prevent the creation or reinforcement of unfair bias. 

  3. We can explain how our solutions work. 

  4. We create accountability through human oversight. 

  5. We respect privacy and champion robust data governance. 

Responsible AI

ClinicalKey AI supports clinicians with:

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Natural language queries

Ask questions the way you would speak to a trusted specialist.
Summarized responses

Summarized responses drawn from evidence-based content sources

Multiple evidence-based content sources are updated daily.
Patient context

Responses that consider patient context when prompted

For example, comorbidities, current medications, age.
Follow-up questions

Ability to ask follow-up questions

Follow-up questions pull the context from the original question.
Article picto

References with linked citations

Direct links to the supporting published evidence.
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Provides personalized responses based on the clinician’s profile.

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Healthcare leaders

Request a free trial with us today and discover how ClinicalKey AI can transform your organization.

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