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Elsevier named a top company for Global Culture and Company Outlook

29 de marzo de 2023

Por Catherine Adenle

Software Engineer Kelly Smith with Global Sales Director Kelechi Okere in Elsevier's New York office.

2023 Comparably Awards recognize Elsevier as a top 10 company for Best Global Culture and a top 20 for Best Company Outlook — based on employee surveys

This week, Comparably — the global workplace culture and compensation monitoring site — has named its Top 50 companies for Best Global Culture(se abre en una nueva pestaña/ventana) and Top 100 companies for Best Company Outlook(se abre en una nueva pestaña/ventana). I’m very pleased to say that we are in the Top 10 for the former and the Top 20 for the latter.

The list highlights the highest-rated workplace cultures of large companies (more than 500 employees) with an international footprint. Ratings are derived from current employees around the world who provided anonymous feedback on within the past 12 months.

Elsevier placed at number seven for Best Global Culture 2023. Twenty categories were measured, from compensation, leadership and work-life balance to professional development opportunities, perks and benefits.

At Elsevier, we often talk about our company culture as “the Elsevier Experience,” which we characterize as purposeful work, colleagues who care, and opportunities for growing every day.

Given that these Comparably awards are voted on by our people, it seems appropriate to hear from them about how we bring those elements to life at Elsevier.

Pictured above: Software Engineer Kelly Smith with Global Sales Director Kelechi Okere in Elsevier's New York office.

Growing every day

Last month, we heard from Dr Erin Hill-Parks, Product Manager for Data Diversity in Systems at Elsevier. She wrote about the way Elsevier has embraced gender equity, dedicating resources and thought into ensuring Elsevier leads the way in inclusivity in publishing, academia and technology. Erin’s participation in the “Developing Talent for Gender Equity leadership program” has helped her grow her skills and experience and she is now co-lead of the London chapter of Thrive, the gender equity network that had inspired her. She wrote:

Erin Hill-Parks, PhD

Erin Hill-Parks, PhD

Nurturing, celebrating, and promoting a community of women leaders makes Elsevier a more dynamic, inclusive and creative place to work. When we promote each other we promote all, and we succeed together.

Colleagues who care

At the start of year, I had the privilege of writing about our colleagues in the Netherlands who are helping refugees find their way in the Dutch labor market. These people have been creating meaningful mentorships as part of our partnership with the UAF(se abre en una nueva pestaña/ventana) — an independent foundation that provides support to refugee students and professionals in the Netherlands.

Kadir Turan, an English teacher who lives in Leiden, was mentored by Dr Giulia Moncelsi, Life Sciences Customer Consultant at Elsevier, as part of the RELX/UAF Refugee Mentorship Program

Sjoerd Cooijmans(se abre en una nueva pestaña/ventana), who helped start the initiative commented:

It is amazing to see how our colleagues invest significant time to help the refugees find their way in the Dutch labor market. The passion they have to help has paid off significantly and has made a huge difference for the mentees — and it makes me proud to be their colleague.

The stories we hear of every single mentee and their journey to where they are today are humbling and give very different perspectives on life. Makes you realize how lucky we are and that when you are in a position to help others, you should.

Purposeful work

When Jess Pritchard returned to Elsevier, having previously left for a role at a large telecommunications company, she said it was the sense of purpose that brought her back. She described herself as “mission driven,” and highlighted how her work at Elsevier appeals to that element of her personality:

Jess Pritchard is a Senior Commercial Manager for Drug Information on Elsevier’s Clinical Solutions Commercial team. Through our parent company’s global community program, she volunteers for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer.

My role means I get to work with colleagues across the Clinical Solutions business every day to help improve or sell our product, help retain our customer base, and project manage various strategic initiatives. Fundamentally, my job allows me to help pharmacists, nurses and physicians safely treat their patients.