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COVID-19 resources for librarians, campuses and health professionals

26 de agosto de 2020

Por Elsevier Connect contributors

Image of Coronavirus Research

How to get free access to our coronavirus research, text and data mining, clinical information and remote access

To those of you who are working tirelessly to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, we applaud you and want to support your efforts. We created this page to let you know about resources we have made freely available for this purpose. It’s part of our comprehensive effort to support our customers and partners across the research, higher education and health communities during these unique and trying times.

We will update this page continually as more information and resources become available.

New: Elsevier's Novel Coronavirus Resource Directory

Elsevier has created a hub to improve discoverability of its #COVID resources for researchers, clinicians, health educators and others.

AI-enabled text and data mining

Remote access

For instructions and assistance with remote access to the Elsevier solutions you use, please consult this guide: How can I set up remote access for my users?se abre en una nueva pestaña/ventana

Protecting the health and safety of our people

At Elsevier, we are also working remotely to stay connected with you. To minimize the effects on our employees and the potential to spread the virus, Elsevier has implemented a range of measures for our staff around the world. We have stopped all non-essential travel and asked all our employees to follow hygiene and government recommendations, practice social distancing and self-isolate if feeling unwell.

How can we further support you?

We welcome feedback and suggestions from our customers on how we can support them further at this challenging time. We are committed to working together with our customers and like-minded organizations to improve the value we deliver to researchers, research leaders, librarians, funders and healthcare professionals. Please share your feedback with the people you normally keep in contact with at Elsevier, including publishers, account managers and customer support colleagues. We appreciate your continued support.


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