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Elsevier Performance Manager is your healthcare education and learning management system.

Elsevier Performance Manager is a learning and performance management system (LMS) that helps you to train employees and monitor proficiency across your organisation. Designed to meet the unique education and reporting needs of healthcare organisations, Performance Manager enables you to mitigate risks, demonstrate compliance and improve the learning process for every member of your staff.

Discover the benefits

Performance Manager is scalable to suit your organisation's needs. It is capable of supporting single departments within a facility, stand-alone organisations or complex healthcare systems. By bringing Performance Manager to your organisation, you can:

  • evaluate core competencies
  • address knowledge and skill gaps
  • assign eLearning developed in cooperation with leading professional associations
  • share and ensure understanding of policies and procedures
  • track licensing and certifications online
  • Demonstrate organisational and regulatory compliance

Performance Manager options

Use Performance Manager’s comprehensive suite of tools to provide your staff with the information they need to make better decisions and deliver consistent patient care. It is the most convenient way to keep your staff informed, capable and satisfied in their current positions while supporting their growth and development.

Core development
Drive professional growth and competency management.

Core learning
Simplify staff education and development.

Elsevier Direct
Manage departmental training and education.

Elsevier Connect
Integrate trusted Elsevier eLearning into your healthcare education programme.


Performance Manager is part of our learning and competency management solutions intended to track training, knowledge acquisition and develop and maintain a high-performing team, which ensures consistent top performance in patient care and administrative management through evidence-based interactive training.

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