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EPIDEMICS 10: 10th International Conference on Infectious Disease Dynamics

30 November – 3 December 2025 | Paradise Point, San Diego, USA

Submit abstracts by: 20 June 2025

Epidemics 9

Present at the 10th International Conference on Infectious Disease Dynamics

Join us at EPIDEMICS 10 to share another three days of intense dialogue on the latest ideas, data, insight, models and methods in infectious disease dynamics.

Submit abstracts by 25 June 2025 to participate

This conference regularly attracts over 500 scientists, with representatives from many of the major research groups in this area worldwide. If you want to meet many of your peers in this field, this is the place to go.

Clearly, research on SARS-CoV-2 will continue to play a major role at the meeting. The following is a list of potential session topics, as usual open to all infectious diseases of humans and animals.

  1. Within-host dynamics and immuno-epidemiology

  2. Evolution and phylodynamics in infectious diseases

  3. Ecology, Climate and infectious diseases

  4. Machine learning, AI and infectious diseases

  5. Integration of new data streams in infectious disease surveillance and transmission models, including wastewater and genomic sequences

  6. Dynamics and consequences of antimicrobial resistance

  7. Policy, economic aspects, and decision support for control and prevention

  8. Statistical approaches for infectious diseases (including calibration approaches for complex mechanistic models, methods for large-scale genomic analyses)

  9. Social, spatial, behavioural and network aspects of interaction

  10. Problems related to the "end game" of eradication

  11. Zoonoses and other cross-species events

  12. Multi-host and multi-pathogen/parasite systems

  13. Forecasting and scenario projections

  14. Problems in vaccine-preventable infections & vaccination strategy

  15. Problems in neglected tropical macroparasitic diseases

Conference hashtag #EPIDEMICS10opens in new tab/window

Lectures from renowned speakers

The programme will include lectures by invited speakers supplemented by contributed oral and poster presentations.

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Discover and participate

Share the latest ideas, data, models and methods in infectious disease dynamics. Abstracts invited for talks and posters by 25 June 2025.

View programme.

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Sponsors & Exhibitors

Choose from a variety of sponsorship and commercial options to raise your profile and position your company as a thought leader in the community.

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Conference deadlines

Abstract submission: 25 June 2025

Author and early registration deadline: 19 September 2025

Supporting publication

Epidemics - The Journal on Infectious Disease Dynamics

Epidemicsopens in new tab/window publishes papers on infectious disease dynamics in the broadest sense. Its scope covers within-host dynamics of infectious agents and dynamics at the population level, particularly the interaction between the two.

Areas of emphasis include: spread, transmission, persistence, implications and population dynamics of infectious diseases; population and public health as well as policy aspects of control and prevention; dynamics at the individual level; interaction with the environment, ecology and evolution of infectious diseases, as well as the population genetics and molecular evolution of infectious agents.

Epidemics is now indexed in both Medline and ISI (Web of Knowledge).

For further information please visit the journal homepageopens in new tab/window.

A special issue of EPIDEMICS 'Challenges in Modelling Infectious Disease Dynamics' featuring 22 papers is now available on open access. Click here to viewopens in new tab/window.

We are looking for researchers willing to act as Guest Editors for the following topics:

  • The impact of climate change on epidemic risks

  • Socioeconomic disparities and disease dynamics

  • AI for infectious disease modelling

  • Interactions of environment and infectious diseases

  • Sewage surveillance for infectious disease control

  • Nowcasting of epidemics

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