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Register for the next webinar on Research Data Management (RDM)

Research data served fresh daily - How our customers find their research data in external subject repositories

Friday, June 2, 2023, from 11:00 - 11:50 CET

Where is your research data? How to find your institution's research data and monitor compliance? These and other questions we would like to answer in our next Research Data Management webinar.

Hosted by subject experts, our speakers will not only cover these key topics but also share their findings on how universities can nurture data sharing.


Access recorded sessions on the Research Data Management series

Our Research Data Management webinar series invited subject experts to discuss key topics addressing data management. With topics as the ones below, this series covered a variety of key points addressed to facilitate research through data management.

1. Your Institution's Research Data deserves a great home: Publishing, archiving and preserving dataWatch recordingDownload presentation
2. Needle in a Haystack: Where is my institution’s data? Monitor & report research dataWatch recordingDownload presentation
3.  RDM is a team sport, not a single player mission: Best national practices and future outlookWatch recordingDownload presentation

We look forward to your participation. The webinars will be conducted in English. The webinar series is free of charge, and registration is required.