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The power of organized insight, at your fingertips

Pure works on a proven interconnected data model featuring automated data sourcing, advanced data sharing options, and sophisticated granular access, workflow and data quality controls. This means it seamlessly brings together research information from all your data sources, making it available to you with the click of a button.

How pure works

How Pure works

With an easy-to-use platform that aggregates and curates your data effectively, you benefit from an insight-based execution of strategy, leading to increased funding, more international collaboration, and greater research visibility for your institution.

How Pure works
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Want to support a culture of data sharing at your university?

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Use Cases—How Pure helps streamline the entire research lifecycle

Challenge—Inability to manage your data effectively

Pure connects multiple facets of research activity to solve challenges across the research lifecycle and enable institution-wide success.

  • Incomplete, conflicting and incompatible formatted data

  • Conflicting data: combining information from different systems leads to different answers to the same question.

  • Inaccurate or missing publication metadata: Open access embargos and preprint information can’t be reported on.

  • Digital dead-ends: missing Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) may result in inaccurate representations of research activity.

manage your data effectively

"We save 1,000 faculty days annually by using CityU Scholars based on Pure to maintain a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of research production data across CityU."

Christian Wagner


Christian Wagner

Chief Information Officer, City University of Hong Kong

Challenge—Inadequate networking and collaboration

Challenge—Inadequate networking and collaboration

Limited public visibility into your institution’s accomplishments lowers your chances of finding the ideal research expertise and collaboration partners.

  • Competitive disadvantage: peer institutions with greater international visibility are more likely to become the regional leader in both inter-university partnerships and rankings.

  • Missed collaboration opportunities: without a public web portal, it’s more difficult for your researchers to connect with potential collaborators outside of their personal network.

  • Fewer commercial partnerships: low awareness of your research expertise among potential industry partners reduces funding and commercialization opportunities.

Increased global collaboration and research visibility.

"Our university's research is gaining visibility thanks to our research portal, which is well indexed on Google and other search engines, and is accessible to all Pure users around the world, making it easy to find external experts, reviewers, and potential collaborators."


Carlos Estévez-Bretón

former technology officer, University of Rosario, Colombia

Challenge—Inefficient award processes

In the competitive academic landscape, it’s increasingly difficult for researchers to get their projects funded.

  • Fewer funding opportunities: although academic researchers everywhere rely on external grants for support, funding pools are shrinking.

  • Increased competition between researchers: grant approval rates are dropping, with success rates averaging less than 30%.

  • More time spent on applications: researchers spend significantly more time applying for grants, without reliable insights into which applications are most likely to be successful.

Award management

“Pure Awards Management Module gave us an opportunity to step back and look at what we were doing across the entire university and create one uniform business process for awards management, which I think resulted in a far more efficient process.”

Dr Simon Barrett


Simon Barrett

Challenge—Inability to showcase societal impact

Increasingly, university leadership, governments, funders, the community, and others are demanding to understand the value of university research.

  • Alignment with internal objectives: students want to attend a university that demonstrates a commitment to sustainability, while faculty want to work on solving big societal problems.

  • Demonstrating value: a university’s reputation is often affected by the perception of the university and what it does to further societal change.

  • Connecting funding to impact: without linking funding, research projects and impact including publications and citations, you’re unable prove a return on investment.

Enhanced perception of your research achievements and societal impact

How Pure helps

The Pure Portal enables you to exhibit your organization externally, promote your researchers and their accomplishments, facilitate collaboration, and most importantly, contribute to your reputation.

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How Pure helps

"Centralizing all of the university’s research on Elsevier’s Pure not only helps facilitate our ability to make better strategic decisions as an organization, it has propelled the institution to new heights of visibility that was previously not possible without this tool."


Yun Yen

President (August 2011 – July 2017), Taipei Medical University, Taiwan

Modules­—Configure Pure to meet your needs

Pure provides seven feature-rich modules that can be combined to optimize results for your institution’s specific research requirements.

Schematic presentation of the Pure modules: Core Module overarching the Award Management Module, Pure Portal, Reporting Module, National Assessment Module, CV Module,  and Community Module

Pure modules

Core module

Imports and ensures the maintenance of high-quality data, so you can manage your data seamlessly and improve internal processes.

Pure Core Module

Award management module

Streamlines and automates the management of research projects for effective research project administration and application approval.

Award management module

Pure Portal

Publicly accessible website that showcases curated content in Pure, allowing you to create a holistic view of your institution’s accomplishments.

Pure Portal

Reporting module

Enables you to generate reports on all data stored in Pure, manage reports for different stakeholders, leverage in-depth insights, and share data with ease.

Pure Reporting module

National assessment module

Helps you seamlessly prepare and submit curated assessments in compliance with global assessment centers.

Pure National assessment module

Community module

Allows you to understand the full impact of research within communities and cross-collaborating institutions.

Pure Community module
Pure Module fact sheet

Learn more about each Pure module.

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