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The 2nd International Congress on Separation and Purification Technology (ISPT 2024) will take place from 7-11 July 2024 and will be held at the Hilton Zhengzhou(opens in new tab/window), Henan, China

Hilton Zhengzhou - Google Maps(opens in new tab/window)

Address: No. 288 Jinshui Road, Zhengzhou, 450008, China

Tel: +86 371 8996 0888(opens in new tab/window)

第二届国际分离纯化技术大会 (ISPT 2024)(opens in new tab/window) 将于2024年7月7日至11日在中国,河南,郑州希尔顿酒店(opens in new tab/window)举办


电话: +86 371 8996 0888


Things to know travelling to China

We understand the challenges you are facing when travelling to China, hopefully this will help you prepare your trip and make you feel less stressful.


Apply for the visa at least one month before your travel.

You may be eligible for 144 hours visa free entry, please find more information via link below:

Policy Interpretation_National Immigration Administration ( in new tab/window)


Due to “The Great Firewall”, Google products (including Google app store), YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, Facebook products, Instagram, etc. are blocked in China. Unless you have a VPN, these apps are not accessible in China. You can download a VPN on your device before travelling or explore a few Chinese apps instead.

Below are some of the popular apps that may help you plan your trip.

Flights, trains,

Taxi service--DiDi Rider

Subway system--MetroMan

Payment—Cash, Alipay, WeChat Pay

As credit cards are not available in most places, it is highly recommended to carry cash or download one of above apps and register before you travel.

Map--Apple map, LingoMap

Translator--Microsoft Translator


Things to know travelling to China(opens in new tab/window)


Accommodation/Poster Printing/Local transfer booking link in new tab/window)

Visa Information

More information will be provided at a later time

WARNING - SCAM ALERT: Exhibitor Housing Services (EHS) & Exhibitor Housing Management (EHM), Traveller Point (TP) and Travel Hosting Team (THT)

Elsevier has been made aware that third-party companies are targeting Elsevier conference speakers and attendees with a fraudulent travel and hotel booking scheme.

The companies are calling/emailing conference attendees, using email addresses which appear very similar to official Elsevier email addresses, and claiming to be the “official” housing bureau and/or authorized by Elsevier to book hotel/travel accommodations for the conference. This is entirely false and should anyone contact you, please do not provide them with any of your details, but refer this to Elsevier. If you are in any doubt about an email regarding the conference, please check this with a member of the organising team via: [email protected](opens in new tab/window)