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We know that med school can be hard so to help you navigate the early days we’ve got some amazing resources to help you succeed in your first year and beyond.

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Med School Survival kit Prize Draw

Enter our amazing prize draw to win your Med School Survival Kit! you could win; $500 of Elsevier Textbooks of your choice,  a 12 month subscription to Complete Anatomy, Stethoscope, torch, reflex hammer, scrubs, Skeleton model, dissection kit, suture practice kit, coffee machine and water bottle.

Second and third prize winners get $150 of Elsevier books

All entrants get a free digital copy of the ''Med School Insider Guide'' written by med students and packed with information you need to succeed at Med school. What are you waiting for, this one’s a no-brainer, enter now!

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Get the SurviveMed App

Elsevier SurviveMed is a genius tool for med students, helping you to navigate your way through the early days of med school and beyond. SurviveMed has:

  • Anatomy basics
  • Flashcards
  • A full medical dictionary, for all those words you don't know yet
  • Tips for success from previous med students

If that wasn’t enough it’s free and from Elsevier.

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Brilliant Brains need Brilliant Books

Macleod’s Clinical Examination
ISBN:  9780702069932

Rang & Dales Pharmacology
ISBN: 9780702074486

The Top 100 Drugs
ISBN: 9780702074424

Interview with Dr David Randall and Dr Adam Feather

We were lucky enough to be able to ask two of the new editorial team for Kumar and Clark’s Clinical Medicine; Dr David Randall and Dr Adam Feather some questions about themselves, what it was like to work on a book with such heritage and reputation and how students should approach using the new edition of Kumar and Clarks Clinical Medicine.

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Get ahead with our Learning Solutions

Improve your study techniques, support remote learning and deepen your understanding with access to a wide range of medical content and interactive tools for studying, testing and growing your medical knowledge.

Elsevier Live Student Edition

It is just amazing how well made and prepared Elsevier Webinars are

Back by popular demand our live global virtual sessions dedicated to sharing and learning with students across the world. Acclaimed Elsevier authors, inspiring doctors, nurses and students come together to exchange knowledge, discuss hot topics & share insights.

’Beneficial , inspiring , insightful

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Study tips

We hope that these tips from medical students who have gone before you, and snippets of content from us will give you what you need to get through your first year. Make sure you share this with your fellow freshers!

Everyone’s smart at med school, so chill out

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