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Whether your university is making the transition to distance learning or simply increasing its online education presence, ClinicalKey Student is here to help.

Supporting learning on the go

The Bookshelf mobile app offers students a seamless experience, as they can continue to highlight text, make notes and create flashcards from their mobile or tablet.

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Live webinars deep dive into specific topics and allow for open Q&A. If you can't join us during a webinar, all recordings will be hosted here.

Free resources

Mini Cases

Use our mini cases to support self-directed learning and facilitate discussions. Each of these mini dermatology cases consist of a single multiple-choice question, followed by an answer card with direct links for further explanation within ClinicalKey or ClinicalKey Student.

Sample Clinical Cases

Continue to engage with your students through these downloadable clinical cases. They provide sample discussion points and suggestions for the facilitator, as well as links to ClinicalKey Student for further reading and understanding.

Download cases:

  • Sample Case #1: Uncomplicated community acquired pneumonia; suitable for clinical years students, or all years of an integrated course.
  • Sample Case #2: New-onset, uncomplicated type 2 diabetes mellitus; suitable for clinical years students, or all years of an integrated course.

Interactive Clinical Case: Diabetes

Help your students develop their clinical reasoning while studying away from the classroom by sharing our new self-directed clinical patient case on diabetes. Suitable for all clinical year students.


  • Clinical Case on diabetes: You are on placement at a GP surgery and have been asked to see the next patient. Mrs Davis has arrived and needs your help! Can you help her?

Assessment capabilities

Technology-based assessment tools, such as the assessment capabilities within ClinicalKey Student, can foster students’ learning while providing instructors sustainable ways to support their practice of formative assessment. The research provided in this case study shows the effectiveness of formative assessment and the power of feedback to further learning.

Download Case Study

How technology-based assessment can support formative assessment and enhance learningClinicalKey Student – A Case Study

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