Tomorrow’s healthcare depends on today’s education


Tomorrow’s healthcare depends on today’s education

Elsevier is passionate about education. Our motivating goal in everything we do is preparing today's students for successful careers in various healthcare professions.

How do we accomplish this? We make sure that today's higher learning institutions and educators are well equipped with the latest information, learning technology and assessment tools so they can effectively guide students in becoming tomorrow's leading health science experts and caregivers.

Who we support

Elsevier supports students, faculty and librarians across the medical and nursing education curriculum.



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clinical key


The clinical search engine that thinks and works the way you do, making it easier to find and apply relevant knowledge.

ClinicalKey Student

Equipping medical and nursing faculty and students with the knowledge they need.

Welcome to the family, 3D4Medical

The future of anatomy is here. Experience the world’s most advance 3D anatomy platform.

Must-have medical textbooks

Discover essential textbooks covering all areas of undergraduate medicine, taking you from the science to the application.

Explore insights

Explore insights, trends and research that impact teaching and learning in healthcare education.

Survive med school

We know that Med school is hard. But Elsevier’s got you. To get you through the early days we're giving you the SurviveMed app.

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It’s been an incredible journey with over a thousand medical students from all around the globe taking part.
Now, see how our final golden 12 went in the grand finale.


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