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4th Food Chemistry Conference: Reshaping Global Food Systems

14-16 October 2025 | Hilton Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Sunrise View of Dresden Cathedral and Dresden Castle at Theaterplatz, Dresden, Germany - stock photo

Reshaping Global Food Systems

Welcome to the 4th Food Chemistry Conference: Reshaping Global Food Systems, which will take place from 14 - 16 October 2025 at the Hilton Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

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Food Chemistryopens in new tab/window is the leading journal in its field, publishing and disseminating important research at the heart of the food science literature.

Join the journal editors, board members, authors, reviewers and experts in Glasgow in October 2025 to debate the latest scientific advances.

The program will include keynote and plenary talks from renowned speakers as well as parallel sessions with contributory oral presentations and poster sessions covering a wide range of topics.

By attending the 4th Food Chemistry Conference, you can acknowledge past achievements and help shape the future of food chemistry research and its impact on quality, nutrition/health and food safety. You cannot miss this event in 2025!

Who will attend? The conference will bring together academics, governmental bodies, corporate research and development specialists and equipment or service developers/suppliers involved in the advancement of the chemistry and biochemistry of foods or the analytical methods/ approach used.

Comments from delegates who attended the 3rd Food Chemistry Conference:

“The conference was really well organized and covered different but very interesting themes. Overall, everything went perfectly (the presentations, coffee breaks and lunch). All the members of the organization were very friendly and helpful.”

“The subjects of the presented works were very interesting, and the organization was on point. The networking was also very easy and fruitful.”

“Conferences on this particular topic “Food Chemistry” are rare. Bringing everyone working in this line together is commendable."


The conference topics and online submission system will be available after 1 August 2024.

Abstract Submission Deadline: 28 March 2025

Conference deadlines

Abstract submission deadline – 28 March 2025

Author notification deadline – 13 June 2025

Author registration deadline – 25 July 2025

Early bird deadline – 25 July 2025

Food Chemistry Special issue

Food Chemistryopens in new tab/window will publish a Special Issue related to the 4th Food Chemistry Conference. All presenters (oral and poster) at the conference are invited to submit a paper on their presented work for the Special Issue. Further details will be available soon.

Keynote and plenary talks from renowned speakers

The program will include invited plenary lectures, contributed talks and poster sessions highlighting the latest food science research. The program will be curated by a committee of world class academic leaders in their respective fields.

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Sponsors & Exhibitors

Choose from a variety of sponsorship and commercial options to raise your profile and position your company as a thought leader in the community.

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Conference history

3rd Food Chemistry Conference - Shaping a Healthy and Sustainable Food Chain through Knowledge

10 - 12 October 2023 | Hilton Dresden, Dresden, Germany


  • Insights into components in foods

    This theme covers nutrients, bioactive compounds, allergens, flavour/taste/aroma profiles in foods (including novel food ingredients), considering sensory aspects, consumer perception, authenticity and traceability, and microbial biotechnological approaches aiming to improve food safety or potential health benefits.

  • New, rapid, or green methods for food chemistry

    This theme includes analysis of components in foods or novel ingredients using new and/ or rapid method or innovative applications; metrology for food analysis; methods for determining roles of foods and/or food components in human health using omic technologies and/or system biology.

  • Effects of processing on food chemistry including novel delivery systems and packaging

This theme includes the impact of novel processing, delivery and packaging approaches including food matrix reformulation and food coatings on food quality and safety, stability and bioavailability of nutrients and bioactives, and prevention of zoonosis.

  • Valorisation of food co-products

    This theme includes approaches for reducing food waste and exploitation of food waste/ co-products or under-utilised biomaterials leading to improved sustainability of food chain(s).

  • Food chemistry: Fate in food foods and humans

    This topic includes studies involving information technologies, in vitro/in vivo experimental and mathematical/computational models, and risk assessment and communication of food components, as related to metabolism in humans, residues in food products, toxicology, modelling and simulation.

Poster topics

  1. New and rapid analysis and/ or detection methods including molecular pathways - this would include elaboration of bioactives in foods, composition and behaviour in foods, and uptake in model systems or humans after consumption

  2. Effects of novel/green processing and environmental conditions on foods and food compounds

  3. Valorisation of food co-products and minimising losses and waste in food production

  4. Material science including innovative edible films, coatings, and dynamic packaging of foods

  5. Information technologies, modelling systems, and computation methods - this includes modelling bioactives in foods/ compounds and their impact on human health

  6. Labelling, authenticity and traceability

  7. Components in foods - this includes nutrients, bioactives including protein, allergens, contaminants, and toxicants

  8. Food safety and sustainable food systems

  9. Novel nano-/micro-delivery systems and food structures/systems

  10. Food omics - methods and outcomes in foods or humans

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2nd Food Chemistry Conference - Shaping the Future of Food Quality, Health and Safety

17 – 19 September 2019 | Melia Seville Hotel, Seville, Spain


  • Analytical Chemistry

  • Bioactive compounds

  • Chemical reactions in foods

  • Food Structure and Food Quality

  • Food Authentication and Traceability

  • Data analysis in Food Science

  • Food Safety

  • Nutrition

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First Food Chemistry Conference - Shaping the Future of Food Quality, Health and Safety

30 October - 1 November 2016 | NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


  • Emerging non-nutrient bioactives in food - chemistry, analysis, function and health

  • Chemical reactions in foods: mechanisms, kinetics and impact on quality and health

  • Food structure, food quality and health including novel digestibility, processing technologies,

  • Nanotechnology and food packaging

  • Risk/benefits evaluation of food components

  • Food authenticity and integrity

  • Novel and rapid methods for food quality, integrity, and safety

  • Future research needs and funding opportunities

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