Five stages of CDS adoption journey

Stage 3: Partner selection
Choosing the right partner

With an idea on what makes an ideal Clinical Decision Support (CDS) strategy, it is time to go in search for the right vendor partner. Here’s a quick checklist to guide your selection:

Proven reliability and track record

Proven specialist providing evidenced-based clinical information

Suitability of vendor’s CDS offerings to integrate seamlessly with your existing platforms

Not just a technology expert, but a change management specialist also specialising in clinical informatics

Offers multidisciplinary teams to guide and support journey towards full adoption and implementation

Provides assistance to develop end-user education and go-live strategic plan

Monitor and measure performance of each CDS component

Helps client achieve ROI on CDS implementation

The Elsevier Experience

At Elsevier, we understand that there is often an urgent need to build a strong business case for CDS adoption. Our strength in preparation combined with partnerships with key EHR vendors can create a real difference.

Our team of Elsevier solution specialists are prepared to support you in getting the required buy-in to get you started in your adoption journey.

Download sample business case

Did you know Elsevier’s CDS solutions can be integrated seamlessly into your EHR?

Partnerships with established EHR vendors

On the EHR front, we have established partnerships globally to facilitate seamless integration of our solutions within your existing platforms. Whether it is a global EHR vendor or a local EHR vendor, we can work with you to integrate Elsevier’s CDS solutions to your EHR system.

Speak to us for more details about our partnership with EHR vendors in your region.

Success stories: North America and Europe

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Helping the University of Kentucky Healthcare bring order to their Order Sets

With more than 9,000 healthcare workers across four hospitals, 80 specialised clinics and over 140 outreach programmes, University of Kentucky HealthCare® (UKHC) struggled with an inefficient order set management process.

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Healthcare professionals at GOSH spend more time with patients with Arezzo

To reduce the time medical staff spend on paper-based administrative tasks, GOSH implemented Elsevier’s Clinical Pathways solution, Arezzo, in its Endocrinology and Metabolic unit in 2018.

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Blackpool clinicians access ClinicalKey to improve clinical decision support for patients.

In search for tools that would improve the use of evidence-based best practice and, the Trust approached Elsevier to implement ClinicalKey through its library and knowledge service

Success stories: Asia Pacific and Middle East

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Implementation of Order Sets and Care Planning at HMG Sehat Al Suwaidi Hospital

In 2017, HMG successfully integrated Order Sets and Care Planning within a condensed delivery timeframe.

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Adoption of STATdx increases diagnostic confidence and enhances medical education at Taichung Veterans General Hospital (VGHTC)

Since the introduction of STATdx, radiologists at VGHTC are able to find relevant information for image referencing and diagnosis more quickly and effectively.

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ClinicalKey for Nursing: driving significant improvement in nursing practice.

Since the introduction of ClinicalKey for Nursing at Breach Candy, nurses have quickly taken advantage of the comprehensive, relevant, and well-organised source of information for improved nursing practice at the hospital.

Success stories: South America

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