Five stages of CDS adoption journey

Stage 5: Achieving success
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Digital transformation is not an IT project. While there are regional and local differences, achieving success in implementing systematic technological transformation is when the process is owned by the clinical team supported by the IT team.

4 Principles for effective change management

Here are some leadership tips for effective change management:

1. Engage one or more key influencers to advocate for change. Do not leave out the clinical stakeholders who are vocal clinical opponents of the transformational strategy.

2. Be open and honest about the challenges and potential impact of the change.

3. Communicate and demonstrate to the end user the personal value of using the system.

4. Provide support before, during and after implementing change.

Driving change with Elsevier

Following implementation, we provide regular check-ins for organisations. Training materials, product awareness collaterals and resources are also available to help drive change and adoption upon request.

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Measuring success and ROI

When it comes to measuring success, it is a timely opportunity to revisit your problem statement and ask yourself the following questions:

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1. What is the level of adoption of the CDS solution post implementation? User adoption rate is critical in understanding whether the effort outweighs the value the CDS solution has brought to users.

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3. Elsevier has also devised a simple tool which will help you calculate the expected returns of your CDS investment.

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2. Has the implementation of CDS solutions helped to solve some of your pain points? This will ensure you are beginning to achieve what you set out to do at the start of your CDS adoption journey.

To find out more on how our ROI calculator can help you to estimate your potential cost savings through the reduction of unnecessary tests and procedures, please contact us

Post implementation

Continue to engage the end users to further optimise the CDS solution to encourage adoption. At Elsevier, we will work with you to do a 30, 60 or 90 days review of the adoption and optimisation of the tool.

Could CDS work for you?

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Globally recognised CDS solutions by Elsevier include:

Clinical search engine that thinks and works the way healthcare professionals do.

Order Sets
A cloud-based solution that enables clinicians to manage order sets in a collaborative environment.

Point-of-care, decision support system for the practising radiologist.

Care Planning
2017 & 2018 KLAS category leader for "Clinical Decision Support - Care Plans/Order Sets"

Diagnostic decision support system for pathologists.

Active CDS and pathway technology that empowers personalised care delivery at patient and population level.

The definitive, evidence-based, decision support system for immunohistochemistry.

Via Oncology
Decision support tool for cancer care providers

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