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The road to adopting CDS in your institution is challenging.

Join us to understand what this journey entails and we will provide ideas to help guide you through a successful adoption.

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Unwarranted variability in care delivery is a key barrier to achieving high-quality healthcare. The most common and dangerous form is “knowledge variability”, which stems from the slow diffusion—17 years for only 14% of new scientific discoveries to find their way into daily practice, and the high-speed doubling of medical knowledge every 73 days. Moreover, increasing digitisation of health records is producing more patient data faster than we can handle. According to International Data Corporation (IDC), global healthcare data is predicted to grow from 153 Exabytes in 2013 to 2314 Exabytes in 2020!

Is your organisation ready for this data deluge? The question to ask ourselves will then be, “How can we support our physicians to make better care decisions by turning all these ‘real-world data’ into actionable knowledge?”

At Elsevier, we design evidence-based care processes, supported by automated clinical information and decision support systems.

This is integrated into clinical workflows via the electronic health record (EHR) that guides clinicians in making the right decisions at every point of care – pushing the right information to the right person at the right time.

CDS adoption is a journey. Wherever you are on this journey, we are happy to help.

Stage 1: Discovery Phase

  • What is CDS?
  • The value of CDS
  • Assessing your organisation’s needs
  • Potential roadblocks to keep in view

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Stage 2: Strategy Phase

  • What makes a successful CDS adoption strategy?
  • Manpower, budget and timeline planning
  • Should you build or buy CDS?

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Stage 3: Partner Selection

  • Choosing the right partner
  • Partnering with Elsevier
  • Success case studies

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Stage 4: Implementation phase

  • Step by step guide to implementation

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Stage 5: Achieving success

  • Tips for effective change management
  • Measuring success and ROI

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Globally recognised CDS solutions by Elsevier include:

Clinical search engine that thinks and works the way healthcare professionals do.

Order Sets
A cloud-based solution that enables clinicians to manage order sets in a collaborative environment.

Point-of-care, decision support system for the practising radiologist.

Care Planning
2017 & 2018 KLAS category leader for "Clinical Decision Support - Care Plans/Order Sets".

Diagnostic decision support system for pathologists

Active CDS and pathway technology that enable personalised care delivery at patient and population level.

The definitive, evidence-based, decision support system for immunohistochemistry.

Via Oncology
Decision support tool for cancer care providers.

Have questions? We have answers. For more information on our products and integration capabilities, please contact our Elsevier Solution Specialist.