Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD) is an internationally recognised fast-growing field. Since 1989, the number of participants attending Parallel CFD Conferences has doubled.

In order to keep track of current global developments, the Parallel CFD Conference annually brings scientists together to discuss and report results on the utilization of parallel computing as a practical computational tool for solving complex fluid dynamic problems. This volume contains the results of research conducted during the past year.

Subject areas covered include: novel parallel algorithms, parallel Euler and Navier-Stokes solvers, parallel Direct Simulation Monte Carlo method and parallel multigrid techniques. The content of the book also demonstrates that considerable effort is being made to utilize parallel computing to solve a variety of fluid dynamics problems in topics such as climate modeling, consultation, aerodynamics and in many other areas.

Readers of this book will gain a valid insight into the exciting recent developments in Parallel CFD research.

Table of Contents

Due to space limitations, only a selection of the published papers are listed herewith. Preface. Invited Speakers. Multiblock structured algorithms in parallel CFD (C. de Nicola et al.). Using hundreds of workstations for production running of parallel CFD applications (C. Fischberg et al.). Parallel computation of frontal processes (M. Garbey, D. Tromeur-Dervout). Modelling the global ocean circulation on the T3D (C. Gwilliam). Concurrent distributed visualization and solution steering (R. Haimes). From R&D in parallel CFD to a tool for computer aided engineering (W. Loeve). Parallel computation of unsteady supersonic cavity flows (Y. Takakura et al.). Reacting Flows. A data-parallel LU relaxation method for reacting viscous flows (M. Wright, G. Candler). Distributed implementation of KIVA-3 on the Intel paragon (O. Yasar, T. Zacharia). Euler Solvers. Parallelization of a highly unstructured Euler-solver based on arbitrary polygonal control volumes (C. Helf et al.). Implementation and results of a time accurate finite-volume Euler code in the NWT parallel cComputer (L. Ruiz-Calavera, N. Hirose). Algorithms. Parallel computations of CFD problems using a new fast poisson solver (M. Obata, N. Satofuka). Spectral Methods. A commercial CFD application on a shared memory multiprocessor using MPI (P. Fischer, M. Venugopal). Large Scale Applications. Large scale simulations of flows about a space plane using NWT (K. Matsushima, S. Takanashi). Performance Issues. Benchmarking the FLOWer code on different parallel and vector machines (C. Oosterlee et al.). Flow Visualization. Runtime volume visualization for parallel CFD (K. Ma). Multigrid Methods. Application of parallel multigrid methods to unsteady flow: a performance evaluation (A. Degani, G. Fox). Applica


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