5th Edition

Current Principles and Techniques


  • Lee Graber
  • Robert Vanarsdall
  • Katherine Vig
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    Key Features

    • Comprehensive coverage includes foundational theory and the latest on materials and techniques used in today's practice.
    • Full-color photographs make it easy to see and distinguish the subtle differences that are necessary to mastering treatment planning.
    • More than 2,500 images include a mixture of radiographs, clinical photos, and anatomic or schematic line drawings, showing examples of treatments, techniques, and outcomes.
    • Detailed case studies guide you through the decision-making process, showing the consequences of various treatment techniques over time.
    • Extensive references cite the latest in orthodontic research, so it's easy to follow up on evidence-based information.
    • Authoritative research is provided by a team of three experienced, renowned authors/editors along with a team of worldwide experts.

    Table of Contents

    Part I: Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

    1. Diagnosis and Treatment Planning: The Decision-Making Process in Orthodontics

    2. Special Considerations in Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

    3. Psychological Aspects of Diagnosis and Treatment

    4. Craniofacial Imaging in Orthodontics

    5. Genetics and Orthodontics

    6. The Upper Airway and Craniofacial Morphology

    7. Orthodontic Therapy and the Patient with Temporomandibular Disorder

    Part II: Tooth Movement: Tissue and Biomechanical Considerations

    8. Craniofacial Growth and Development: Evidence-Based Perspectives

    9. Tissue Reactions in Orthodontics

    10. Bone Physiology, Metabolism, and Biomechanics in Orthodontic Practice

    11. Application of Bioengineering to Clinical Orthodontics

    12. Biomechanical Considerations with Temporary Anchorage Devices

    Part III: Mixed Dentition Diagnosis and Treatment

    13. Mixed Dentition Diagnosis and Interceptive Treatment

    14. Treatment of Patients in Mixed Dentition

    Part IV: Orthodontic Treatment

    15. Standard Edgewise: Tweed-Merrifield Philosophy, Treatment Planning, and Treatment

    16. Contemporary Straightwire Biomechanics

    17. Self-Ligating Brackets: Theory, Practice, and Evidence

    18. Lingual Orthodontics with Completely Customized Appliances

    19. Clear Aligner Treatment

    Part V: Specialized Treatment Considerations

    20. Integrating Digital and Robotic Technologies: Three-Dimensional Modeling, Diagnosis, Treatment Planning, and Therapeutics

    21. Bonding in Orthodontics

    22. Non-Extraction Treatment

    23. Periodontal-Orthodontic Interrelationships

    24. Adult Interdisciplinary Therapy: Diagnosis and Treatment

    25. Surgical Adjuncts to Orthodontics Treatment

    26. The Orthodontist's Role in a C


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    About the authors

    Lee Graber

    Affiliations and Expertise

    Licensed Specialist in Orthodontics; Board Certified, American Board of Orthodontics

    Robert Vanarsdall

    Affiliations and Expertise

    Professor and Chairman, Department of Orthodontics, School of Dental Medicine, University of Pennsylvania; Staff, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Albert Einstein Medical Center, and the Medical College of Pennsylvania; Co-editor, Journal of Adult Orthodontics and Orthognathic Surgery; Private Practice, Philadelphia, PA

    Katherine Vig

    Affiliations and Expertise

    Professor and Chair, Section of Orthodontics, College of Dentistry, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH