Nutritional Benefits of Kiwifruit - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780123942944, 9780123946317

Nutritional Benefits of Kiwifruit, Volume 68

1st Edition

Serial Volume Editors: Mike Boland Paul J. Moughan
eBook ISBN: 9780123946317
Hardcover ISBN: 9780123942944
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 11th February 2013
Page Count: 384
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Table of Contents

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Chapter One. Kiwifruit: Taking Its Place in the Global Fruit Bowl

1 Introduction: History

2 Global Kiwifruit Industry: A Production Profile

3 Global Fruit Bowl: The Place of Kiwifruit

4 Growing Consumer Demand

5 Global Health Trends: The Position of Kiwifruit


Chapter Two. Kiwifruit: The Wild and the Cultivated Plants

1 What are Kiwifruit?

2 The Genus Actinidia

3 Actinidia Species

4 Actinidia Species in Cultivation

5 The A. chinensis, A. deliciosa, A. setosa Complex

6 Nomenclature Used in Scientific and Horticultural Literature for A. chinensis and A. deliciosa

7 Fruit Diversity in Actinidia

8 Domestication of Actinidia Species

9 Cultivars of A. chinensis and A. deliciosa

10 Origin of Kiwifruit Cultivars

11 Kiwifruit: Past, Present, and Future


Chapter Three. The Composition and Nutritional Value of Kiwifruit


1 Introduction

2 The Macro Components

3 Vitamins

4 Organic Acids

5 Pigments

6 Other Minor Components

7 Conclusion


Further reading

Chapter Four. Kiwifruit Proteins and Enzymes: Actinidin and Other Significant Proteins

1 Total Protein Content of Kiwifruit

2 Major Soluble Proteins and Patterns of Occurrence

3 Digestion of Kiwifruit Proteins

4 Actinidin

5 Kiwellin and its Fragments

6 Thaumatin-Like Protein

7 Kirola

8 Enzymes Involved in Kiwifruit Ripening

9 Other Kiwifruit Enzymes


Chapter Five. Fiber: Composition, Structures, and Functional Properties

1 Introduction

2 Composition of Kiwifruit Fiber

3 Structure of Kiwifruit Cell-Wall Polysaccharides

4 Structural Changes in Cell-Wall Polysaccharides

5 Functional Properties of Kiwifruit Dietary Fiber

6 Conclusion


Chapter Six. Secondary Metabolite Components of Kiwifruit

1 Introduction

2 Kiwifruit Secondary Metabolite Components

3 Using Secondary Metabolites to Improve the Health Enhancing Properties of Kiwifruit

4 Secondary Metabolites with Potential Negative Impacts on Health

5 Metabolite Discovery


Chapter Seven. The Bioavailability of Vitamin C from Kiwifruit

1 Vitamin C and Scurvy

2 The Biological Activity of Vitamin C

3 The Recommended Dietary Intake

4 Vitamin C and the Prevention of Chronic Diseases

5 Vitamin C and Respiratory Diseases

6 Food Sources of Vitamin C

7 Vitamin C Content of Kiwifruit

8 Effect of Kiwifruit Supplementation on Vitamin C Intake

9 Effect of Kiwifruit Intake on Plasma Vitamin C

10 Effect of Kiwifruit Intake on Tissue Vitamin C Levels

11 Animal Studies with Kiwifruit

12 Effect of Other Plant Components on Uptake of Vitamin C

13 Natural versus Synthetic Vitamin C

14 Conclusion


Chapter Eight. Influence of Kiwifruit on Protein Digestion

1 Introduction

2 Kiwifruit and Protein Digestion in the Stomach

3 Kiwifruit and Protein Digestion in the Small Intestine

4 Special Benefits and Commercial Preparations

5 Conclusions


Chapter Nine. Kiwifruit, Mucins, and the Gut Barrier

1 Introduction

2 The Gut Barrier and Significance of the Mucous Layer

3 Dietary Factors Known to Influence Gut Mucin Production

4 Chemical and Physical Properties of Kiwifruit Potentially Relevant to Gut Mucin Production

5 Empirical Evidence for an Effect of Kiwifruit on Gut Mucin Production


Chapter Ten. Digestion of Kiwifruit Fiber

1 Introduction

2 Food Digestion and Absorption

3 Dietary Fiber Digestion and Absorption

4 Kiwifruit Fiber Digestion


Chapter Eleven. Modification of the Colonic Microbiota

1 Introduction

2 Modification of the Colonic Microbiota by Kiwifruit Polyphenolic Compounds

3 Modification of the Colonic Microbiota by Kiwifruit Carbohydrates

4 Kiwifruit Fermentation Offers Functional Benefits to the Gut

5 Conclusion


Chapter Twelve. Kiwifruit Modulation of Gastrointestinal Motility

1 Introduction

2 Functional Bowel Disorders

3 Constipation

4 Kiwifruit as an Effective Dietary Intervention for Constipation

5 Effect of Kiwifruit Fiber on Gastrointestinal Motility

6 Effect of Actinidin and Protein Fractions

7 Phytochemicals

8 Conclusion


Chapter Thirteen. Kiwifruit and Mineral Nutrition

1 Introduction

2 Essential Dietary Minerals

3 Mineral Absorption in the Digestive System

4 Mechanisms of Mineral Uptake

5 Minerals in Kiwifruit

6 Kiwifruit Components Facilitate Mineral Uptake

7 Conclusions


Further Reading

Chapter Fourteen. Kiwifruit, Carbohydrate Availability, and the Glycemic Response

1 Introduction

2 The Glycemic Potency of Kiwifruit

3 Expressing the Impact of Kiwifruit on Carbohydrate Availability

4 Factors Affecting the Availability of Carbohydrates Consumed in Kiwifruit

5 Conclusion


Chapter Fifteen. Cardioprotective Properties of Kiwifruit

1 Introduction

2 Cardioprotective Properties of Kiwifruit

3 Discussion


Chapter Sixteen. Kiwifruit as a Modulator of DNA Damage and DNA Repair

1 Introduction

2 Antioxidants in Kiwifruit

3 Antioxidant Effects of Kiwifruit in Humans

4 Other Effects of Kiwifruit Supplementation Related to DNA Stability

5 Studies of Gene Expression

6 Discussion


Chapter Seventeen. Effects of Kiwifruit on Innate and Adaptive Immunity and Symptoms of Upper Respiratory Tract Infections

1 Introduction

2 In Vitro Studies

3 Animal Models

4 Human Intervention Trials

5 Conclusions


Chapter Eighteen. Kiwifruit Allergies

1 Introduction: Food Allergy and Allergens

2 Kiwifruit Allergy

3 Kiwifruit Allergens

4 Allergenicity of Different Kiwifruit Cultivars

5 Conclusion




Kiwifruit have long been known as a decorative and exotic fruit that can be used in desserts and fresh fruit collations. What is less well known is that kiwifruit contain a range of constituents with valuable health-beneficial properties. These range from high levels of high-impact vitamin C to enzymes that assist with digestion, and polysaccharides that promote gut health. This volume for the first time brings together all the known health and nutrition benefits of kiwifruit in a series of chapters written by authors who are authorities in their fields.

Key Features

  • The latest important information for food scientists and nutritionists
  • Peer-reviewed articles by a panel of respected scientists
  • The go-to series since 1948


Researchers and professionals involved in nutrition, health, fruit science and food science in general


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