Medical Education: Past, Present and Future

1st Edition

Handing on Learning


  • Kenneth Calman
    • Print ISBN 9780443074738

    Key Features

    • An ambitious but timely project made readable and specific by the use of a case-based approach - a book of this range and type has not been attempted since the early 20th century
    • Written by a known expert in the field and therefore individualistic - but with a real insider's attributes of being able to discriminate between what does and does not matter - the insider viewpoint - especially of someone so recently involved at the centre of political and educational debate
    • The overall theme of "regulation" covers not just the professionals' viewpoint but also the public's - and therefore covers political influences on the educational and regulatory process

    Table of Contents

    Part 1: The Past: Introduction. Ancient medicine: the beginnings of the art. Arabian medicine and the rise of the universities. Renaissance and reformation: books, bodies, blood and branding irons. Knowledge begins to grow: the 18th century. Resistance and reform: the 19th century. Bridging the centuries: America leads the way. The education revolution: the 20th century. Even more change: the last 15 years, 1990-2006

    Part 2: The present: The themes. The aim of medicine: the roles and boundaries of the profession. The quest for competence: defining the professional. The selection of medical students. Learning and teaching in medicine. Beyond learning.

    Part 3: The Future: Conclusions.


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