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Handbook of Preparative Inorganic Chemistry V2 - 2nd Edition - ISBN: 9780123955913, 9780323161299

Handbook of Preparative Inorganic Chemistry V2

2nd Edition

5.0 star rating 1 Review
Editor: Georg Brauer
eBook ISBN: 9780323161299
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 1st January 1965
Page Count: 882
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Handbook of Preparative Inorganic Chemistry, Volume 2, Second Edition focuses on the methods, mechanisms, and chemical reactions involved in conducting experiments on inorganic chemistry. Composed of contributions of various authors, the second part of the manual focuses on elements and compounds. Included in the discussions are copper, silver, and gold. Numerical calculations and diagrams are presented to show the properties, compositions, and chemical reactions of these materials when exposed to varying laboratory conditions. The manual also looks at other elements such as scandium, yttrium, titanium, zirconium, hafnium, and thorium. Lengthy discussions on the characteristics and nature of these elements are presented. The third part of the guidebook discusses special compounds. The manual also provides formula and subject index, including an index for procedures, materials, and devices. Considering the value of information presented, the manual can best serve the interest of readers and scientists wanting to institute a system in the conduct of experiments in laboratories.

Table of Contents

Translation Editor's Preface

Part II Elements and Compounds (Continued)

Section 19. Copper, Silver, Gold

Copper (Pure Metal)

Colloidal Copper

Copper Hydride CuH

Copper (I) Chloride CuCl

Copper (I) Bromide CuBr

Copper (I) Iodide CuI

Copper (II) Chloride CuCl2

Copper (II) Bromide CuBr2

Copper Oxychloride CuCl2ß • Cu(OH)2

Copper (I) Oxide Cu2O

Copper (II) Oxide CuO

Copper (II) Hydroxide Cu(OH)2

Potassium Cuprate (III) KCuO2

Schweizer's Reagent

Copper (I) Sulfide Cu2S

Copper (II) Sulfide CuS

Copper (I) Selenide Cu2Se

Copper (I) Telluride Cu2Te

Copper (I) Sulfate Cu2SO4

Tetraamminecopper (II) Sulfate [Cu(NH3)4]SO4 • H2O

Copper (I) Nitride Cu3N

Copper (II) Azide Cu(N3)2

Copper Phosphide Cu3P

Copper Diphosphide CuP2

Basic Copper Carbonates CuCO3 • Cu(OH)2 (Green Cupric Carbonate)

2CuCO3 • Cu(OH)2 (Blue Cupric Carbonate)

Copper (I) Acetylide Cu2C2.H2O

Paris Green (Copper Acetoarsenite)

Fehling's Solution

Very Pure Silver

Silver Powder

Silver from Residues

Silver Mirrors

Colloidal Silver

Silver Iodide AgI

Silver Chlorate AgClO3

Silver Oxide AgsO

Silver Peroxide Ag2O2

Sodium Orthoargentite Na3AgO2

Silver (I) Sulfide Ag2S

Silver (I) Selenide Ag3Se

Silver (I) Telluride Ag2Te

Silver Sulfate Ag2SO4

Silver Sulfite Ag2SO3

Silver Amide AgNH2

Silver Azide AgN3

Silver Nitride Ag3N

Silver Acetylide Ag2C2

Silver Cyanamide Ag2CN2

Silver Carbonate Ag2CO3

Silver Nitrite AgNO2

Silver Tartrate Ag2C4H4O6

o-Phenanthrolinesilver (II) Persulfate [Ag phen2]S2O8

Tris-α,α'-dipyridylsilver (II) Perchlorate Ag(dipyr)32

Very Pure Gold

Colloidal Gold

Gold from Residues

Gold (I) Chloride AuCl

Gold (III) Chloride AuCl3

Hydrogen Tetrachloroaurate (III) HAuCU4 • 4H2O

Potassium Tetrachloroaurate (ΙII) KAuCl4 • 1/2H2O

Gold (III) Oxide Au2O3

Gold (III) Hydroxide Au(OH)3

Potassium Aurate KAuO2 • 3H2O

Gold (I) Sulfide Au2S

Gold (II) Sulfide AuS

Gold (III) Sulfide Au2S3

Gold (I) Acetylide Au2C3

Gold (I) Cyanide AuCN

Potassium Dicyanoaurate (I) K[Au(CN)2]

Section 2O. Zinc, Cadmium, Mercury

Zinc Zn

Zinc Hydride ZnH2

Zinc Chloride ZnCl2

Zinc Hydroxychloride Zn(OH)Cl

Ammonium Tetrachlorozincate (NH4)2ZnCl4

Zinc Bromide ZnBr2

Zinc Iodide ZnI2

Zinc Hydroxide (crystalline) ε-Zn(OH)2

Zinc Sulfide ZnS

Zinc Formaldehydesulfoxylate Zn(SO2 • CH2OH)2

Ammonium Zinc Sulfate (NH4)2Zn(SO4)2 • 6H2O

Zinc Selenide ZnSe

Zinc Amide Zn(NH2)2

Zinc Nitride Zn3N2

Zinc Phosphides Zn3P2, ZnPa

Zinc Phosphate Zn3(PO4)2 • 4H2O

Zinc Hydroxyphosphate Zn2(OH)PO4

Zinc Arsenides Zn3As2, ZnAs2

Zinc Thioantimonate Zn3(SbS4)2

Diethylzinc Zn(C2H5)2

Zinc Carbonate ZnCO3

Zinc Acetate Zn(CH3COO)2

Zinc Cyanide Zn(CN)2

Potassium Tetracyanozincate K2Zn(CN)4

Zinc Silicate Zn2SiO4

Zinc Fluorosilicate ZnSiFe • 6H2O

Zinc Ferrate (IIΙ) ZnFe2O4

Rinmann's Green

Cadmium (needles) Cd

Cadmium Chloride CdCl2

Cadmium Hydroxychloride Cd(OH)Cl

Potassium Cadmium Chloride CdCl2 • KCl • H2O

Cadmium Bromide CdBr2

Cadmium Iodide CdI2

Cadmium Hydroxide Cd(OH)2

Cadmium Sulfide CdS

Cadmium Nitride Cd3N2

Cadmium Amide Cd(NH2)2

Cadmium Phosphides Cd3P2, CdP2, CdP4

Cadmium Arsenides Cd3As2, CdAs2

Diethylcadmium Cd(C2H5)2

Cadmium Carbonate CdCO3

Cadmium Acetate Cd(CH3COO)2

Cadmium Cyanide Cd(CN)2

Potassium Tetracyanocadmate KaCd(CN)4

Cadmium Thiocyanate Cd(SCN)2

Cadmium Silicate Cd2SiO4

Cadmium Ferrate (III) CdFe2O4

Mercury (II) Oxychloride HgCl2 • 4H2O

Mercury (II) Bromide HgBr2

Potassium Triiodomercurate (II) KHgI3.H2O

Copper (I) Tetraiodomercurate (II) Cu2HgI4

Mercury (II) Sulfide HgS

Mercury (II) Selenide HgSe

Mercury (II) Amide Chloride HgNH2Cl

Diamminemercury (II) Dichloride HgCl2 • 2NH3

Mercury (II) Iminobromide Hg2(NH)Br2

Millon's Base NHg2OH • xH2O

Bromide of Millon's Base NHg2Br

Mercury (I) Thionitrosylate [Hg2(NS)2]x

Mercury (II) Thionitrosylate [Hg(NS)2]x

Diethylmercury Hg(C2H5)2

Mercury (I) Acetate Hg2(CH3COO)2

Mercury (II) Acetate Hg(CH3COO)2

Mercury (II) Cyanide Hg(CN)2

Potassium Tetracyanomercurate (II) K2Hg(CN)4

Mercury (I) Thiocyanate Hg2(SCN)2

Mercury (II) Thiocyanate Hg(SCN)2

Potassium Tetrathiocyanomercurate (II) K2Hg(SCN)4

Section 21. Scandium, Yttrium, Rare Earths

Pure Scandium Compounds

Treatment of Monazite Sand

Treatment of Gadolinite

Pure La, Pr and Nd Compounds from Cerium Earths by Ion Exchange

Pure Cerium Compounds

Pure Samarium Compounds

Pure Europium Compounds

Pure Ytterbium Compounds

Metallic Rare Earths

Rare Earth Trichlorides LnCl3 (Anhydrous)

Rare Earth Tribromides LnBr3 (Anhydrous)

Rare Earth Triiodides Lnl3 (Anhydrous)

Rare Earth Dihalides LnX2 (Anhydrous)

Cerium (III) Oxide Ce2O3

Praseodymium (IV) Oxide PrO2

Rare Earth Hydroxides Ln(OH)3 (Crystalline)

Lanthanum Sulfide La2S3

Lanthanum Selenides La2Se3, La2Se4

La, Ce, Pr and Nd Monochalcogenides LnS, LnSe, LnTe

Europium (II) Chalcogenides EuS, EuSe, EuTe

Rare Earth Sulfates Ln2(SO4)3 • nH2O

Rare Earth Nitrides LnN

Rare Earth Nitrates Ln(NO3)3 (Anhydrous)

Rare Earth Cyclopentadienides Ln(C5H5)3

Section 22. Titanium, Zirconium, Hafnium, Thorium

Titanium Ti

Zirconium, Hafnium Zr, Hf

Thorium Th

Separation of Zirconium and Hafnium

Titanium, Zirconium and Thorium Hydrides

Titanium (H) Chloride, Bromide and Iodide TiCl2, TiBr2, TiI2

Titanium (ΙII) Chloride, Bromide and Iodide TiCl3 TiCl3 • 6H2O; TiBr3, TiBr3 • 6H2O; TiI3

Titanium (IV) Chloride TiCl4

Ammonium Hexachlorotitanate (NH4)2[TiCl6]

Titanium (IV) Bromide TiBr4

Zirconium (IV), Hafnium (IV) and Thorium (IV) Chlorides and Bromides ZrCl4 , HfCl4, ThCl4; ZrBr4 , HfBr4, ThBr4

Thorium Chloride ThCl4.8H2O4

Titanium (IV), Zirconium (IV) and Thorium (IV) Iodides Til4 (ZrI4, ThI4)

Titanium (III) Oxychloride TiOCI

Titanium (IV) Oxychloride TiOCl2

Zirconium Oxychloride ZrOCl2 • 8H2O

Hafnium Oxychloride

Lower Titanium Oxides TiO, Ti2O3

Titanium (IV) Oxide TiO2

Titanium (IV) Oxide Hydrate TiO2 • nH2O

Peroxotitanic Acid H4TiO5

Zirconium (IV) Oxide ZrO2

Hafnium (IV) Oxide HfO2

Thorium (IV) Oxide ThO2

Titanium, Zirconium and Thorium Sulfides TiS3, TiS3, TiS<2

Zirconium Sulfides

Thorium Sulfides

Titanium (III) Sulfate Ti2(SO4)3

Titanoxy Sulfate TiOSO4

Zirconium Sulfates

Purification of Zr Salts via the Tetrahydrate

Titanium, Zirconium and Hafnium Nitrides TiN, ZrN, HfΝ

Thorium Nitride Th3N4

Titanium Tetranitrate Ti(NO3)4

Thorium Nitrate Th(NO3)4 • NH2O

Titanium Oxonitrate, Zirconium Oxonitrate TiO(NO3)2, ZrO(NO3)2

Titanium Phosphide, Zirconium Phosphides, Thorium Phosphide TiP, ZrP2, ZrP, Th3P4

Zirconium and Hafnium Phosphates

Titanium, Zirconium and Hafnium Carbides TiC, ZrC, HfC

Thorium Carbides ThC, ThC2

Titanium, Zirconium and Thorium Silicides TiSi2 , ZrSi3, ThSi2

Section 23. Vanadium, Niobium, Tantalum

Vanadium V

Vanadium (II) Chloride VCl2

Vanadium (III) Chloride VCl3, VCl3 • 6H2O

Vanadium (IV) Chloride VC14

Vanadium (II) Bromide VBr2

Vanadium (III) Bromide VBr3

Vanadium (II) Iodide VI2

Vanadium (III) Iodide VI3

Vanadium Oxychloride VOCl

Vanadium Oxydichloride VOCl2

Vanadium Oxytrichloride VOCl3

Vanadium Dioxychloride VO2Cl

Lower Vanadium Oxides

Vanadium (III) Hydroxide V(OH)3

Vanadium (V) Oxide V2O5

Ammonium Metavanadate NH4VO3

Alkali Vanadates

Vanadium Sulfides

Vanadium Selenides

Vanadium (II) Sulfate VSO4 • 6H2O

Hydrogen Disulfatovanadate (III) HV(SO4)2 • 4H2O

Ammonium and Potassium Disulfatovanadate (III) NH4V(SO4)2, KV(SO4)2

Vanadium (IV) Oxysulfate (Vanadyl Sulfate) VOSO4

Vanadium Nitrides

Vanadium Phosphides VP2, VP, VP<1

Vanadium Carbides VC, V2C

Dibenzenevanadium (O)V(C6H6)2

Potassium Hexathiocyanatovanadate (III) K3V(SCN)6

Niobium Metal, Tantalum Metal

Vanadium, Niobium and Tantalum Hydrides

Niobium (II) Chloride NbCl2

Niobium (III) Chloride NbCl3

Niobium (IV) Chloride NbCl4

Tantalum (IV) Chloride TaCl4

Niobium (V) and Tantalum (V) Chlorides NbCl5, TaCl5

Niobium Oxytrichloride NbOCl3

Niobium (III) Bromide NbBr3

Tantalum (IV) Bromide TaBr4

Niobium (V) and Tantalum (V) Bromides NbBr5, TaBr5

Niobium Oxytribromide NbOBr3

Niobium (IV), Niobium (III) and Niobium (II) Iodides NbI4, NbI3, NbI2

Niobium (V) Iodide NbI5

Tantalum (V) Iodide TaI5

Niobium (II) Oxide NbO

Niobium (IV) Oxide NbOs

Niodium (V) and Tantalum (V) Oxides Nb2O5 • Ta2O5

Alkali Niobates and Tantalates

Peroxyniobic and Peroxytantalic Acids HNbO4 • nH2O, HTaO4 • nH2O

Potassium Peroxyniobate, Potassium Peroxytantalate K3NbO8, K3TaO8

Niobium and Tantalum Sulfides

Niobium and Tantalum Nitrides

Niobium and Tantalum Phosphides NbP2, TaP2, NbP, TaP

Niobium and Tantalum Carbides

Section 24. Chromium, Molybdenum, Tungsten, Uranium

Chromium Cr

Chromium (II) Chloride CrCl2

Chromium (III) Chloride CrCl3

Chromium (II) Bromide CrBr2

Chromium (III) Bromide CrBr3

Chromium (II) Iodide CrI2

Chromium (III) Iodide CrI3

Chromium (III) Hydroxide Cr(OH)3.nH2O

Chromium Sulfides CrS, Cr2S3

Chromium Nitride CrN

Hexaaquochromium (III) Chloride [Cr(OH2)6]Cl3

Chloropentaaquochromium (III) Chloride [CrCl(OH2)5]Cl2 • H2O

Hexaamminechromium (III) Chloride and Nitrate [Cr(NH3)6]Cl3, Cr(NH3)63

Chloropentaamminechromium (III) Chloride [CrCl(NH3)5]Cl2

Triethylenediaminechromium (III) Sulfate, Chloride and Thiocyanate [Cren3]2(SO4)3, [Cren3]Cl3 • 3.5H2O,Cren33 • H2O

cis- Dichlorodiethylenediaminechromium (III) Chloride [CrCl2en2]Cl • H2O

trans- Dithiocyanatodi(ethylenediamine )Chromium (III) Thiocyanate [Cr(SCN)2en2]SCN

trans- Dichlorodi(ethylenediamine)chromium (III) Chloride [CrCl2eN2]Cl

Dichloroaquotriamminechromium (III) Chloride [CrCl2(OH2)(NH3)3]Cl

Hexaureachromium (III) Chloride [Cr(OCN2H4)6]Cl3.3H2O

Rhodochromium Chloride [(NH3)5Cr(OH)Cr(NH3)5]Cl5

Erythrochromium Chloride [(NH3)5Cr(OH)Cr(NH3)4(OH2)]Cl5

Tris (2,2-dipyridyl)chromium (II) Perchlorate Crdipy)321

Tris(2,2-dipyridyl)chromium (I) Perchlorate [Cr(dipy)3]Cl04

Tris(2,2 -dipyridyl)chromium (0) [Cr(dipy)3]

Hexaphenylisonitrilochromium (0) [Cr(C6H5NC)6]

Chromium Orthophosphate CrP04

Chromium (II) Sulfate CrS04 • 5H2O

Chromium (II) Salt Solutions

Chromium (II) Acetate Cr2(CH3COO)4 • 2H2O

Chromium (II) Oxalate CrC2O4 • 2 H2O

Hexaaquochromium (III) Acetate Cr(OH2)63

Dihydroxohexaacetatotrichromium (III) Acetate and Chloride Cr3(OH)2(CH3COO)6.nH2O, [Cr3(OH)2(CH3COO)6]Cl.8H2O

Potassium Trioxalatochromate (III) K3[Cr(C2O4)3] • 3H2O

Potassium Hexacyanochromate (III) K3[Cr(CN)6]

Potassium Hexathiocyanatochromate (II) K3[Cr(SCN)6 ].4H2O

Trilithium Hexaphenylchromate (III) Li3Cr(C6H5)6 • 2.5(C2H5)2O

Ammonium Tetrathiocyanatodiamminechromate (III) NH4[Cr(SCN)4(NH3)2 ] • H2O

Tetrathiocyanatodiamminechromic (III) Acid H[Cr(SCN)4(NH3)2]

Ammonium Tetrathiocyanatodianilinochromate (III) NH4[Cr(SCN)4(C6H5NH2)2] • 1½ H2O

Potassium Tetrathiocyanatodipyridinochromate (III) K[Cr(SCN)4py2].2H2O

Trichlorotriaquochromium [CrCl3(OH2)3]

Trichlorotriethanolochromium [CrCl3(C2H5OH)3]

Trichlorotriamminechromium [CrCl3(NH3)3]

Trichlorotripyridinechromium [CrCl3py3]

Chromium (III) Glycinate (H2NCH2COO)3Cr

Chromium (III) Xanthate [C2H5OCS2)3Cr]

Chromium (III) Acetylacetonate (C5H7O2)3Cr

Chromyl Chloride CrO2Cl2

Chromium Trioxide-Pyridine CrO3 • 2py

Chromyl Nitrate CrO2(NO3)2

Chromyl Perchlorate CrO2(Cl04)2

Rubidium Chromate Rb2CrO4

Rubidium Dichromate Rb2Cr2O7

Cesium Chromate Cs2CrO4

Cesium Dichromate Cs2Cr2O7

Potassium Fluorochromate K[CrO3F]

Potassium Chlorochromate K[CrO3Cl]

Potassium Tetraperoxochromate (V) K3CrO8

Ammonium Pentaperoxodichromate (ΝΗ4)2Cr2O12 • 2H2O

Diperoxotriamminechromium (IV) (NH3)3CrO4

Barium Orthochromate (IV) Ba2CrO4

Barium Chromate (V) Ba3(CrO4)2

Sodium Thiochromite NaCrS2

Dibenzenechromium (0)(C6H6)2Cr

Bis(diphenyl)chromium (0)(C12H10)2Cr

Dibenzenechromium (I) Iodide [(C6Η6)2Cr]I

Bis(diphenyl)chromium (I) Iodide [Cr(C12H10)2]I

(Diphenyl)(benzene)chromium (I) Iodide [(C12H10)Cr(C6H6)]I

Molybdenum Mo

Dibenzenemolybdenum (0) (C6H6)2Mo

Molybdenum (II) Chloride Mo3Cl6

Molybdenum (III) Chloride MoCl30

Molybdenum (V) Chloride MoCl5

Molybdenum (III) Bromide MoBr3

Tribromotripyridinemolybdenum [MoBr3py3]

Potassium Hexachloromolybdate (III) K3MoCl6

Molybdenum (IV) Oxide MoO2

γ-Molybdenum Oxide Mo4O1l

Lower Molybdenum Hydroxides

Molybdenum (VI) Oxide MoO3

Molybdic Acid H2MoO4 • H2O

Ammonium Oxopentachloromolybdate (V) (NH4)3[MoOCl5]

Potassium Hydrogen Diperoxomonomolybdate KHMoO6 • 2H2O

Tetraamminezinc Tetraperoxomolybdate (VI)[Zn(NH3)4]MoO8

Molybdenum (IV) Sulfide MoS2

Ammonium Tetrathiomolybdate (NH4)2MoS4

Potassium Octacyanomolybdate (IV) K4[Mo(CN)8] • 2H2O

Tungsten W

Tungsten (V) Chloride WCl5

Tungsten (VI) Chloride WCl6

Tungsten (IV) Oxide WO2

y-Tungsten Oxide W18O4

Tungsten Blue H0.5WO3

Tungsten (VI) Oxide W03

Yellow Tungstic Acid H2WO4

Tungsten Oxytetrachloride WOCl4

Tungsten (IV) Sulfide WS2

Tungsten Hexaphenoxide W(OC6H5)6

Potassium Enneachloroditungstate (III) K3W2Cl9

Hexachlorotripyridineditungstate (III) W3Cl6py3

Potassium Octacyanotungstate (IV) K4[W(CN)8] • 2H2O

Potassium Octacyanotungstate (V) K3[W(CN)2] • H2O

Uranium U

Uranium Hydride UH3

Uranium (III) Chloride UCl3

Uranium (IV) Chloride UCl4

Uranium (V) Chloride UCl5

Uranyl Chloride UO2Cl2

Uranium (IV) Bromide UBr4

Uranium (IV) Oxide UO2

Uranium (VI) Oxide UO3

Alkali Uranates (VI) Li2UO4, Na2UO4, K2UO4

Alkali Uranates (V) LiUO3, NaUO3

Uranium Peroxide UO4 • 2H2O

Uranium (IV) Sulfide US2

Uranium (IV) Sulfate U(S04)2 • 8 H2O or 4H2O

Ammonium Uranyl Carbonate (NH4)4[UO2(CO3)3]

Uranium (IV) Oxalate U(C2O4)2 • 6 H2O

Potassium Tetraoxalatouranate (IV) K4[U(C2O4)4] • 5H2O

Uranium (V) Ethoxide U(OC2H5)5

Uranium (VI) Ethoxide U(OC2H5)6

Uranyldibenzoylmethane UO2(C15H11O2)2

Section 25. Manganese

Manganese Mn

Manganese (II) Oxide MnO

Manganese (II) Hydroxide Mn(OH)2

Manganese (III) Oxide γ-Mn2O3, γ-MnO(OH)

Manganese (IV) Oxide MnO2

Manganese (VII) Oxide Mn2O7

Sodium Manganate (V) Na3MnO4 • 0.25NaOH • 12H2O

Potassium Manganate (VI) K2MnO4

Barium Manganate (VII) Ba(MnO4)2

Silver Manganate (VII) AgMnO4

BaSO4-KMnO4 Solid Solution

Potassium Manganese (III) Chloride Κ2ΜnCl5

Potassium Hexachloromanganate (IV) K2MnCl6

Manganese (II) Sulfide MnS

Manganese (III) Sulfate Mn2(SO4)3

Cesium Manganese (III) Sulfate CsMn(S04)2 • 12 H2O

Manganese Nitride Mn4N

Manganese (III) Acetate Mn(CH3COO)3, Mn(CH3COO)3.2H2O

Potassium Trioxalatomanganate (III) K3[Mn(C2O4)3].3H2O

Potassium Dioxalatodihydroxomanganate (IV) K2[Mn(C204)2(OH)2] • 2H2O

Potassium Hexacyanomanganate (I) K5Mn(CN)6

Potassium Hexacyanomanganate (II) K4Mn(CN)6 • 3H2O

Potassium Hexacyanomanganate (III) K3Mn(CN)6

Section 26. Rhenium

Rhenium Metal

Rhenium (III) Chloride ReCl3

Rhenium (V) Chloride ReCl5

Potassium Rhenium (IV) Chloride K2ReCl6

Rhenium (VI) Oxychloride ReOCl4

Rhenium (VII) Oxychloride ReO3Cl

Rhenium (IV) Oxide ReO2

Rhenium (VI) Oxide ReO3

Rhenium (VII) Oxide Re2O7

Rhenium Rhenate (IV) Na2ReO3

Ammonium Perrhenate NH4ReO4

Barium Perrhenate Ba(ReO4)2

Barium Rhenate (VI) BaReO4

Rhenium (IV) Sulfide ReS2

Rhenium (VII) Sulfide ReS7

Barium Mesoperrhenate Ba3(ReO5)2

Workup of Rhenium Residues

Section 27. Iron

Metallic Iron

Iron (II) Chloride FeCl2

Iron (III) Chloride FeCl3

Iron (II) Bromide FeBr2

Iron (III) Bromide FeBr3

Iron (II) Iodide FeI2

Iron (II) Oxide FeO

Iron (II) Hydroxide Fe(OH)2

Iron (II, III) Oxide Fe3O4

Iron (III) Hydroxide FeO(OH)

Iron (III) Oxychloride FeOCl

Iron (II) Sulfide FeS

Iron Nitrides Fe2N, Fe4N

Iron Carbide Fe3C

Lithium Ferrate (III) LiFeO2

Potassium Ferrate (VI) K2Fe04

Potassium Iron (III) Sulfide KFeS2

Basic Iron (III) Sulfate Fe3(S04)2(OH)5 • 2H2O or 3Fe2O3 • 4SO3 • 9H2O

Basic Iron (III) Acetate [Fe3(CH3COO)8(OH)2]CH3COO • H2O

Hexacyanoferric (II) Acid H4Fe(CN)6

Ammonium Hexacyanoferrate (II) (NH4)4Fe(CN)6

Hexacyanoferric (III) Acid H3Fe(CN)6

Sodium Hexathiocyanoferrate (III) Na3Fe(SCN)6 • 12H2O

Sodium Pentacyanoamminoferrate (II) Na3[Fe(CN)5NH3] • 3H2O

Sodium Pentacyanoamminoferrate (III) Na2[Fe(CN)5NH3] • H2O

Section 28. Cobalt , Nickel

Metallic Cobalt

Cobalt (II) Chloride CoCl2

Hexaamminecobalt (II) Chloride [Co(NH3)6]Cl2

Cobalt (II) Bromide CoBr2, CoBr2 • 6H2O

Cobalt (II) Iodide α-CoI2, ß-CoI2, CoI2 • 6H2O

Cobalt (II) Oxide CoO

Cobalt (II, III) Oxide Co3O4

Cobalt (III) Hydroxide CoO(OH)

Cobalt (II) Hydroxide Co(OH)2

Cobalt Sulfides CoS, CoS2 , Co3S4 , Co6S6

Cobalt (III) Sulfate Co2(SO4)3.18H2O

Cobalt Aluminate CoAl2O4

Hexaammminecobalt (III) Nitrate Co(HN3)63

Cobalt (III) Amide Co(NH2)3

Dicobalt Nitride Co2N

Cobalt Nitride CoN

Cobalt Phosphides CoP3, CoP, Co2P

Dicobalt Carbide Co2C

Hexaamminecobalt (III) Chloride [Co(NH3)6]Cl3

Chloropentaamminecobalt (III) Chloride [Co(NH3)5Cl]Cl2

Nitropentaamminecobalt (III) Chloride [Co(NH3)5NO2]Cl2

Nitritopentaamminecobalt (III) Chloride [Co(NH3)5ONO]Cl2

Carbonatotetraamminecobalt (III) Sulfate [Co(NH3)4CO3]2SO4 • 3H2O

Dichlorotetraamminecobalt (III) Chloride [Co(NH3)4Cl2]Cl

Triethylenediaminecobalt (III) Bromide [Coen3]Br3

Decaammine-µ-peroxocobalt (III) Cobalt (IV) Sulfate(NH3)5CoIII(O2)CoIV(NH3)52 • SO4H • 3H2O

Sodium Hexanitritocobaltate (III) Na3[Co(NO2)6]

Potassium Hexacyanocobaltate (III) K3[Co(CN)6]

Hexacyanocobaltic (III) Acid

Metallic Nickel

Nickel (II) Chloride NiCl2

Hexaamminenickel (II) Chloride [Ni(NH3)6]Cl2

Nickel (II) Bromide NiBr2

Nickel (II) Iodide NiI2

Nickel (II) Oxide NiO

Nickel (II) Hydroxide NiOH)2

ß-Nickel (III) Hydroxide NiO(OH)

γ-Nickel (III) Hydroxide NiO(OH)

Nickel (II, III) Hydroxide Ni3O2(OH)4

Nickel (II) Sulfide NiS

Nickel (IV) Sulfide NiS2

Nickel (II) Amide Ni(NH2)2

Trinickel Dinitride Ni3N2

Trinickel Nitride Ni3N

Nickel Carbide Ni3C

Nickel (II) Carbonate

Nickel (II) Thiocyanate Ni(SCN)2

Di-µ-sulfido-tetrakis(dithiobenzoato)dinickel (IV) (CH5C • CSS)2NiS2Ni(SSC • C6H5)2

Potassium Tetracyanonickelate (II) K2[Ni(CN)4] • H2O

Section 29. The Platinummetals

Pure Platinum Pt

Reclaimed Platinum

Platinum Sponge

Platinum Black

Platinized Asbestos

Handling of Platinum Equipment

Platinum Electroplating

Platinum Chlorides

Hexachloroplatinic (IV) Acid H2PtCl6 • 6H2O

Tetrachloroplatinic (II) Acid H2PtCl4

Ammonium Hexachloroplatinate (IV) (NH4)2PtCl6

Potassium Hexachloroplatinate (IV) K2PtCl6

Sodium Hexachloroplatinate (IV) Na2PtCl6, Na2PtCl6 • 6H20

Potassium Tetrachloroplatinate (II) K2PtCl4

Platinum (II) Oxide PtO

Platinum (IV) Oxide PtO2 • xH2O

Hexahydroxyplatinates (IV) Na2Pt(OH)6 • xΗ2O, K2Pt(OH)6 • xH2O

Platinum (II) Sulfide PtS

Platinum (IV) Sulfide PtS2

Potassium Tetracyanoplatinate (II) and Barium Tetracyanoplatinate(II) K2Pt(CN)4 • 3H2O, BaPt(CN)4 • 4H2O

Ammine Complexes of Platinum (II) (Platinum Ammines) [Pt(NH3)4][PtCl4] and [Pt(NH3)4]Cl2 • H2O

Reisers Second Chloride trans-[PtCl2(NH3)2]

Peyrone's Chloride cis-[PtCl2(NH3)2]

cis-Dinitrodiammineplatinum (II) [Pt(NO2)2(NH3)2]

Pure Palladium Pd

Colloidal Palladium

Palladium Black

Palladized Asbestos

Palladium (II) Chloride PdCl2

PdCl2 Solution for the Detection of CO

Palladium (II) Oxide PdO

Tetrachloropalladates (II) K2PdCl4, Na2PdCl4,(NH4)2PdCl4

Hexachloropalladates (IV) K2PdCl6, (NH4)2PdCl6

Diamminepalladium (II) Salts [PdCl2(NH3)2], [PdBr2(NH3)2]

Pure Rhodium Rh

Rhodium (III) Chloride RhCl3

Hexachlororhodates (III)

Rhodium (III) Oxide Rh2O3

Rhodium Sulfate

Chloropentaamminerhodium Salts [RhCl(NH3)5]Cl2, RhCl(NH3)52

Pure Iridium Ir

Iridium (IV) Oxide IrO2

Hydrated Iridium (IV) Oxide IrO2 • 2H2O

Hydrated Iridium (III) Oxide Ir2O3 • xH2O

Iridium (III) Chloride IrCl3

Hexachloroiridic (IV) Acid H2IrCl6

Potassium Hexachloroiridate (IV) K2IrCl6

Ammonium Hexachloroiridate (IV) (NH4)2IrCl6

Potassium Hexachloroiridate (III) K3IrCl6 • 3H2O

Pure Ruthenium Ru

Ruthenium (IV) Hydroxychloride Ru(OH)Cl3

Ruthenium (III) Chloride RuCl3, RuCl3 • H2O

Ammonium Hexachlororuthenate (IV) (NH4)2RuCl6

Ruthenium (IV) Oxide RuO2

Ruthenium (VIII) Oxide RuO4

Potassium Ruthenate and Potassium Perruthenate K2RuO4 • H2O, KRuO4

Pure Osmium Os

Osmium (IV) Chloride OsCl4

Sodium Hexachloroosmate (IV) Na2OsCl6 • 2H2O

Ammonium Hexachloroosmate (IV) (NH4)2OsCl6

Osmium (IV) Oxide Os02

Osmium (VIII) Oxide OsO4

Potassium Osmate (VI) K2OsO4 • 2H2O

Potassium Osmiamate K(OsO3N)

Part III Special Compounds

Section 1. Adsorbents and Catalysts


Active Metals

Pyrophoric Cobalt

Ni-Mg Mixed Oxalate Catalyst (1:1)


"Molecular" Silver

Raney Nickel

Nickel Formate-Paraffin Catalyst

Active Copper

Carbonyl Iron

Explosive Antimony

Silver (Active Agent for Reductors)

Deposition of Metals from the Vapor Phase

Hydrated Oxide Gels

Hydrated Chromium Oxide Gel

Silica Gel

Aluminum Hydroxide Gel

"Glimmering" Hydrated Iron (III) Oxide

Active Metal Oxides

Aluminum Oxide

α-Iron (III) Oxide

Magnesium Oxide

Zinc Oxide

Lead (IV) Oxide

Colloidal Suspensions of Oxides in Gases (Smokes)

Copper-Chromium Oxide

Hopkalite (Hopcalite)

Section 2. Hydroxo Salts


Handling of Concentrated Alkali Hydroxides

Sodium Hydroxozincates

Sodium Tetrahydroxomagnesate Na2[Mg(OH)4]

Sodium Tetrahydroxocuprate (II) Na2[Cu(OH)4]

Barium Hexahydroxocuprate (II) Ba2[Cu(OH)6]

Sodium Tetrahydroxoferrate (II) Na2[Fe(OH)4]

Strontium Hexahydroxonickelate (II) Sr2[Ni(OH)6]

Sodium Trihydroxostannate (II) Na[Sn(OH)3]

Sodium Hexahydroxochromate (III) Na3[Cr(OH)6]

Sodium Hydroxoferrates (III)

Barium Hydroxoferrates (III)

Alkali Aluminates

Sodium Hexahydroxostannate (IV) Na2[Sn(OH)6]

Sodium Hexahydroxoplumbate (IV) Na2[Pb(0H)6]

Barium Oxohydroxostannate (II) Ba[Sn2O(OH)4]

Section 3. Iso- and Heteropoly Acids and their Salts


General Methods

Isopoly Compounds








Heterpoly Compounds

12-Tungstic Acid-l-Borates

12-Tungstic Acid-1-Silicates

10-Tungstic Acid-l-Silicates

12-Tungstic Acid-1-Phosphates

22-Tungstic Acid-2-Phosphates

21-Tungstic Acid-2-Phosphates

18-Tungstic Acid-2-Phosphates

12-Tungstic Acid-1-Arsenates

18-Tungstic Acid-2-Arsenates

6-Tungstic Acid-l-Tellurates

Metatungstates, Dodecatungstates

12-Molybdic Acid-l-Silicates

12-Molybdic Acid-1-Phosphates

18-Molybdic Acid-2-Phosphates

12-Molybdic Acid-1-Arsenates

18-Molybdic Acid-2-Arsenates

6-Molybdic Acid-2-Arsenates

12-Molybdic Acid-2-Chromites

6-Molybdic Acid-l-Periodates

48-Vanadic Acid-2-Phosphates and 24- Vanadic Acid-2- Phosphates

Section 4. Carbonyl and Nitrosyl Compounds

General Information

Chromium, Molybdenum, Tungsten Carbonyls Cr(CO)6, Mo(CO)6, W(CO)6

Iron Pentacarbonyl Fe(CO)5

Diiron Nonacarbonyl Fe2(CO)9

Triiron Dodecacarbonyl [Fe(CO)4]3 or Fe3(CO)12

Cobalt Carbonyls [Co(CO)4]2, [Co(CO)3]4

Nickel Carbonyl Ni(CO)4

Dipyridine Chromium Tetracarbonyl, Tripyridine Chromium Tricarbonyl Cr(CO)4py2, Cr(CO)3py3

o-Phenanthroline Nickel Dicarbonyl Ni(CO)2C12H8N2

Iron Tetracarbonyl Halides Fe(CO)4X2

Iron Tetracarbonyl Dihydride Fe(CO)4H2

Cobalt Tetracarbonyl Hydride Co(CO)4H

Iron Carbonyl Mercury Fe(CO)4Hg

Cobalt Carbonyl Mercury [Co(CO)4]2Hg

Ethylenediamine Iron Carbonyl [Feen3][Fe2(CO)8]

Pyridine Iron Carbonyl [Fepy6][Fe4(CO)13]

Potassium Nitrosyl Tricarbonyl Ferrate [Fe(CO)3NO]K

Iron Dinitrosyl Dicarbonyl Fe(NO)2(CO)2

Cobalt Nitrosyl Tricarbonyl Co(NO)(CO)3

Dinitrosyl Cobalt Halides (NO)2CoCl, (NO)2CoBr, (NO)2CoI

Sodium Dinitrosyl Thioferrate Na[(NO)2FeS] • 4H2O

Ammonium Heptanitrosyl Trithiotetraferrate NH4[(NO)7Fe4S3] • H2O

Ethyl Dinitrosyl Thioferrate [(NO)2FeSC2H5]2

Potassium Dinitrosyl Thiosulfatoferrate K[(NO)2FeS2O3] • H2O

Potassium Nitrosyl Cyanomolybdate K4[(NO)Mo(CN)5] • H2O

Potassium Nitrosyl Cyanomanganate K3[(NO)Mn(CN)5]

Sodium Nitrosyl Cyanoferrate Na2[(NO)Fe(CN)5] • 2Η2O

Sodium Carbonyl Cyanoferrate Na3[(CO)Fe(CN)5]

Section 5. Alloys and Intermetallic Compounds

General Remarks

Purity of the Starting Materials

Form of the Starting Materials

Preparation of Starting Mixtures

Crucible and Ampoule Methods

Heating and Cooling

Alloy Synthesis under Pressure

Melting Without a Container

Comminution in the Absence of Air

Distillation Method

Residue Methods

Special Processes




Potassium-Sodium Alloy (Liquid)

Low-Melting Alloys

Formula Index

Subject Index

Index of Procedures, Materials and Devices

Errata for Volume I


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