The 9th International Flavor Conference: George Charalambous Memorial Symposium was held July 1-4, 1997 at the Porto Myrina Palace on the Island of Limnos, Greece. This conference was organized as a tribute to Dr. George Charalambous organizer of the previous eight conferences, who passed away in November of 1994.
The symposium brought together a group of international experts in food science and human nutrition to discuss their latest findings in a broad area of food science. Particular emphasis was placed on state-of-the-art instrumentation and methods.
The 9th Conference followed the format and traditions of the previous meetings. More than 90 papers/posters were presented by scientists from nineteen countries. Dr. Apostolos Grimanis, a radioanalytical chemist and retired Director of the Radioanalytical Laboratory at the National Center for Scientific Research "Demokritos" in Athens opened the meeting with a tribute to Dr. Charalambous.
The Conference Committee announced that the Division of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (American Chemical Society) has agreed to sponsor a Fellowship in Dr. Charalambous' honor in recognition of his tremendous contributions to the Division over many years.


For food scientists and nutritionists, industrial chemists and biotechnologists.

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Foreword. Acknowledgements. Overview. Thirty years of the AH-B theory (T.E. Acree et al.). The Gatt-Trips agreement - what it is and how has it changed the playing field for all applicants for United States patents (S.P. Ludwig, A.C. Gogoris). Flavornet: a database of aroma compounds based on odor potency in natural products (H. Arn, T.E. Acree). Beverage flavor emulsion - a form of emulsion liquid membrane microencapsulation (C.-T. Tan). New beverages: the flavored coffee (M. Bononi et al.). Indicators for evaluation of lipid oxidation and off-flavor development in food (F. Shahidi). Analysis of Flavors. Aroma analysis of coffee brew by gas chromatography-olfactometry (K.D. Deibler et al.). Electronic nose versus multicapillary gas chromatography: application of rapid differentiation of essential oils (T. Talou et al.). Quantitation of potent food aroma compounds by using stable isotope labeled and unlabeled internal standard methods (M. Preininger). Simplification of complex flavor mixtures via micro extraction class separation (T.H. Parliment). A simulated mouth to study flavor release from alcoholic beverages (S.J. Withers et al.). Comparisons of volatile compounds released during consumption of Cheddar cheeses by different consumers (C.M. Delahunty et al.). Effect of adsorbent particle size on the water-ethanol separation by cellulosic substrates (G. Vareli et al.). Influence of extraction procedure on the aroma composition of Thymus Zygis L.; and Mentha Pulegium L. (M. Moldão-Martins et al.). Hypericin and Hypericin-like substance analytical problems (F. Tateo et al.). Sensory Evaluation. Determination of the cause of off-flavors in milk by dynamic headspace GC/MS and multivariate data analysis (R.T. Marsili, N. Miller). Sensory properties of musty compounds in food (E. Chambers et al


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