Online Counseling, 2nd ed. book cover

Online Counseling, 2nd ed.

A Handbook for Mental Health Professionals

Online Counseling gives practical insight into how professionals can translate and extend their practice to the electronic online medium. The volume provides an overview of current research on the use and effectiveness of counseling online and data on the idiosyncrasies of online behavior and communication. The practical aspects of and skill sets required for counseling online are discussed at length, as are technological, ethical, legal and multicultural issues, treatment strategies, and testing and assessment.

Hardbound, 288 Pages

Published: December 2010

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-378596-1


  • Reviews for the 1st Edition:

    "Kraus, Zack, and Stricker provide a resource for these changing times in a health field where the demand is great. The technology is here and these editors provide a resource to help practitioners use all the techniques and delivery methods to everyone's advantage. This book is recommended."

    " has invaluable information for any mental health professional who deals with online technology to communicate with patients. Overall, this volume is a timely resource for those who are interested in learning how to translate their practice to an online medium... The impressive list of contributors has 22 names of authors with different backgrounds, including internationally recognized specialists... Part 2, Practical Aspects of Online Counseling, is a step-by-step start-up guide. It has a chapter on the technology involved, a separate chapter covering legal and ethical issues, and a chapter on business aspects of online counseling. This is the most practical part of the book and is the place to go for readers who are limited in time and just looking for an "operational manual" to move into online business. Part 3, Clinical Issues in Online Counseling, is an exploration of psychotherapeutic issues involved in treatment without personal contact with a patient. I think this would be of most interest for those who are planning to engage in any sort of counseling online..."

    " excellent resource for any mental health professionals who are considering starting an online counseling practice."
    -Patricia Roles,


  • Forward

    Ron Kraus and George Stricker

    Part I: The New Medium: History & Research

    Chapter 1
    Online behavior, communication and Experience
    Michael Fenichel

    Chapter 2
    The psychology of text relationships
    John Suler

    Chapter 3
    Online Counseling- Does It Work? Research Findings to Date
    Ron Kraus

    Part II: Practical Aspects of Online Counseling

    Chapter 4
    The technology of online counseling
    Jason Zack

    Chapter 5
    Ethical Issues in Online Counseling
    Ron Kraus

    Chapter 6
    Legal Issues for Online Counselors
    Jason Zack

    Chapter 7
    The Business of Online Counseling
    Ron Kraus

    Part III:  Clinical Skills for Online Counseling

    Chapter 8
    Text-based Online Counseling: Email
    John Yaphe and Cedric Speyer

    Chapter 9
    Text-based online counseling: chat
    DeeAnna Merz Nagel and Kate Anthony

    Chapter  10
    Online Counseling Groups: Theory and Practice
    Yvette Colon and  Stephanie Stern

    Chapter 11
    Clinical work with groups online - practical aspects
    Beth Pector and Robert C. Hsiung

    Chapter 12
    Internet-Supported Psychological Testing and Assessment
    Azy Barak

    Chapter 13
    International and Multicultural Issues
    Adrian G. Skinner and Gary Latchford

    Part IV: A Look in to the Future of Online Counseling

    Chapter 14
    Ethical Issues in Online Counseling
    Ron Kraus



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