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Writing, submitting and publishing your research takes up a lot of time and energy. What's more, that time is better spent focusing on science.

That's why we are developing faster, more effective and truly innovative solutions to improve the overall manuscript submission and peer review process for all individuals concerned.

To show you what we mean, take a look at the latest services we offer:

Article Transfer Service

No need to resubmit, no need to reformat. Our complimentary Article Transfer Service (ATS) is designed to save authors valuable time and effort. If you are unsuccessful in your original manuscript submission, our editors will give you the option of transferring your manuscript to another more suitable journal, within the same family cluster, without the need to resubmit or reformat. This service is currently available in Pharma Sciences and Immunology.

Faster Publication

Across our Life Sciences titles, we have improved our publication speed over the last year by up to 35%. Our commitment to reducing publication times enables authors to publish their results faster than ever before.

Your paper, Your way

This is a new service designed to save authors time during the submission process. Simply submit your paper in the way you want to submit it. Don't worry about references or formatting - our editors will assess the paper on its content. This new service is currently being trialled for the journal: Free Radical Biology and Medicine

New Open Access Journals

Across Elsevier's Life Sciences journals you have the opportunity to publish your research with open access. To see if your favourite journal has this option look out for the orange open access icon.

Discover fast, open access publications with our new open access journals:

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