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SciVal Collaboration

Advance your research programs with insights into global expertise across sectors and research fields. Explore existing collaborations and identify potential partners locally and worldwide in fields of strategic importance.

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Scival collaboration module

Enhance team building & build strong collaborations

The Collaboration module helps you evaluate existing research collaborations and identify potential partners. Use it to help address questions such as:

  • How can I identify expertise on and beyond campus to help with team-building efforts?

  • How can I use metrics and analyses to understand existing collaborations and find new ones to pursue?

  • Which industries are investing in the research areas we want to expand?

Illustration of SciVal collaborations around the world

See how you might use SciVal to identify potential partnerships

Stacy works in the office of research at her university. She is working on a plan for the university to expand its partnerships with industry, specifically in engineering. To evaluate existing partnerships and identify potential new industry partners to explore, Stacy turns to SciVal.

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SciVal UJ case study thumbnail

Étude de cas : Découvrez comment l'université de Johannesburg utilise SciVal pour identifier et comparer ses domaines d'excellence et pour éclairer ses décisions en matière de recrutement et de collaboration.

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Update stakeholders, track progress and inform management decisions

SciVal includes comprehensive reporting functionality so that you can create reports tailored to your organization's needs.  Model scenarios and share insights with stakeholders to inform decision-making.

  • Create analyses across each of the six SciVal modules

  • Choose predefined reporting templates or adapt one to fit your own needs

  • Save your most used reports as templates

  • Share reports with other SciVal users in your Institution

Create, manage and organize your information with My SciVal

My SciVal works across all modules and makes finding, sharing and analyzing your entities and analyses straightforward. You can use My SciVal to:

  • Build a group of researchers you want to evaluate and monitor

  • Edit Research Areas by adding search terms or applying filters

  • Add and modify tags such as department or project names to manage entities with ease

  • Share entities with other SciVal users

  • Download information about all Topics & Topic Clusters in a single spreadsheet

Learn more about SciVal and explore each of its modules

SciVal offers complementary modules to help you evaluate and analyze the research performance of institutions and their researchers worldwide. Explore each module to discover more ways SciVal can help your research thrive.

Explore SciVal

SciVal explainer video

Take advantage of SciVal with strategic insights from your research — discover how SciVal can fit your needs

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