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Not Alone: Leaders in Focus

12 juin 2024 | Lecture de 2 min

Par Not Alone Contributors

Recent Not Alone contributors include (upper left): Prof Rafael L Bras and Prof Freeman Hrabowski; (left to right) Ralph de la Vega; Prof Ana Mari Cauce, PhD; Theresa Mayer, PhD. and Allan E Goodman, PhD.

Recent Not Alone contributors include (upper left): Prof Rafael L Bras and Prof Freeman Hrabowski; (left to right) Ralph de la Vega; Prof Ana Mari Cauce, PhD; Theresa Mayer, PhD. and Allan E Goodman, PhD.

Unfiltered perspectives on global issues by research and academic leaders

Letter from the Editor

This is the 26th issue of Not Alone: Leaders in Focus. As we enter our third year, I want to thank the more than 30,000 readers who receive the newsletter monthly via email and the many others who visit this website. Thank you for your loyal following, for your support and for making Not Alone a success.

Not Alone is a service. It is designed to disseminate the ideas of established, extraordinary academic leaders to inspire, generate conversation and showcase the best in academia and related businesses and institutions. The contributions are short and deal with a single subject, by design.

Prof Rafael L Bras, ScD

Prof Rafael L Bras, ScD

This month, our contributor is Allan Goodman, CEO of the Institute of International Education. Word on the street is that US institutions are losing their attractiveness to international students, and market share. The paradox Goodman presents is that despite all the dire predictions, the enrollment of international students in the US is increasing faster than ever.

New video series

There are times when the subject matter and the essence of the leader cannot be fully conveyed in a short written piece. For that reason, we are thrilled to introduce Not Alone: Conversations with Leaders. These videos — and future podcasts — will explore individuals and subject matter in depth to convey a textured message. This month, we feature Freeman Hrabowski, who for 30 years presided over the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). In our interview, we learn how his upbringing as an African American in segregated Alabama during the 1960s shaped this extraordinary leader. (You can find the video at the top of the story queue below.)

What’s ahead?

In July, Sarah Mangelsdorf, President of the University of Rochester, will address the complexity of supporting free speech and the right to protest while keeping campuses functional. We will also be releasing two other video interviews: one with Nancy Hopkins and the other with a panel of MIT professors: Lorna Gibson, Lotte Bailyn and Sylvia Ceyer. In the late 1990s, Hopkins led a group of faculty (including the three panelists) that produced MIT’s Women in Science report, which put the spotlight on the discrimination and biases women scientists endured even in lofty institutions like MIT. This watershed effort changed the gender discussion in academia.

Rafael L Bras, ScD Editor, Not Alone Senior Advisor, Elsevier Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology

Not Alone Editor Prof Dr Rafael L Bras interviews Dr Freeman Hrabowski, President Emeritus of UMBC (The University of Maryland, Baltimore County).

Hrabowski: Transforming UMBC into a top STEM university

Allan E Goodman quote card

The brain science behind effective leadership

By Ralph de La Vega | May 15, 2024
Quote by Ralph de la Vega, former Vice Chairman of AT&T: "Leaders who have learned to use both brain networks and switch seamlessly from one to the other will be better equipted to handle tough challenges."
Quote by Dr Theresa Mayer, VP for Research at Carnegie Mellon University: "AI for Science — a new paradigm for scientific discovery and translation, has the potential to accelerate the pace of innovation like never before."

The role of universities in catalyzing social change

By Ana Mari Cauce, PhD | March 12, 2024
Quote card: Prof Ana Mari Cauce, President of the University of Washington, writes: "Our universities must remain arenas where social and political issues can be freely discussed from a broad array of perspectives."

Universities as tools of diplomacy

By L Rafael Reif, PhD | Feb 14, 2024
Quote by L Rafael Reif, President Emeritus, MIT:  "Once faculty and students from countries with long-standing animosities begin working together for a higher cause, they can often overcome their cultural biases and learn to respect each other as peers."

Connectivity is a thing, is THE thing

By Bob Metcalfe, PhD | January 17, 2024
Bob Metcalfe: "Neurons are 1K times larger and 1M times slower than transistors, but still they out-computer transistors. Howe do we explain this paradox?"
Quote by Prof Christine Ortiz, PhD: "The cross-disciplinary integration of technological research and development processes with humanistic fields and the social sciences is a critical challenge and opportunity.
Barbara R Snyder, President of the American Association of Universities, writes about the value of global partnerships.
Prof Darryll J Pines, President of the University of Maryland, says “the nation’s interests are best served by encouraging more high school students to pursue engineering.”

Evidence-based assessment, equity and opportunity

By Margaret Sheil, AO, FAA, FTSE | Sept 13, 2023
Prof Margaret Sheil quote card about metrics and other indicators

Universities must be catalysts for sustainable development

By Cherry Murray, PhD; E William Colglazier, PhD; Franklin Carrero-Martinez, PhD; and Emi Kameyama | Aug 7, 2023
Quote card with authors Cherry Murray, PhD, E William Colglazier, PhD; Franklin Carrero-Martinez, PhD, and Emi Kameyama
Sir Anton Muscatelli quote card
Quote card for Cynthia K Larive, PhD, Chancellor for the University of Calilfornia, Santa Cruz
It has become common to view data as the new oil. But how do we move beyond a limited set pf proprietary oil wells to alternative energy resources that are more readily available.
Gary S May quote card

Failing to ultimately succeed

By Mike Mussallem | March 9, 2023
Mike Mussallem quote card

Know yourself to become a better leader

By Marcia McNutt, PhD | February 9, 2023
Marcia McNutt quote card
Anant Agarwal quote

To save the planet, teach public engagement

By Mary Woolley | December 12, 2022
Mary Woolley quote

Engineering leadership to advance women’s health

By John L Anderson, PhD | November 14, 2022
John Anderson quote
Dan Reed quote

The silver lining for health equity in the COVID-19 pandemic

By Valerie Montgomery Rice, MD, FACOG | August 22, 2022
Valerie Montgomery Rice on ' The silver lining for  health equity in the COVID-19 Pandemic'

Gilda A Barabino quote

Toward a platform for universal learning

By Michael M Crow, PhD | June 22, 2022
Michael Crow quote
Christopher Eisgruber quote


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