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Provide easy access to your custom patient education within your clinical workflow

Elsevier’s Custom Patient Education Manager standardizes patient education, helping clinicians deliver consistent health information across care settings.

Female nurse reviews patient education content on tablet with senior male patient.

Organize and consolidate patient education content and easily access it across the care team

Save your organization’s proprietary patient education alongside Elsevier’s content within your EHR workflow. This ensures all your patient education is available in one place to support consistency across care settings.

Customized patient education content on multiple devices.

Upload, code, and publish your custom patient education

  • Both your custom and Elsevier patient education content populates in the search results 

  • Add, review, and utilize clinical codes (ex: ICD-10 and SNOMED) for diagnosis-specific search 

  • File types: written documents and video files 

  • File size limits: 10MB for documents, 5GB for videos 

Male nurse reviews education content with female patient in hospital

Help your clinicians deliver consistent health information across care settings with Custom Patient Education Manager

Two female nurses and one male nurse walking and talking in a hospital. One female nurse holds a file folder.