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María José Dávila-Rodríguez headshot


María José Dávila-Rodríguez

Consultant for Elsevier's Life Sciences solutions

E-mail María José Dávila-Rodríguez

María José Dávila-Rodríguez is a Consultant for Elsevier's Life Sciences solutions for academic and government institutions in Latin America, responsible for helping users develop learning, teaching and R&D flows as well as projects in life sciences, health, chemistry and related disciplines.

María José joined Elsevier in 2021, where she has leveraged her academic and research experience to better understand and help users. María José holds a doctorate (2020) and a master's degree (2016) in chemistry from the Federal University of São Carlos - Brazil and a degree in chemistry (2013) from the Universidad del Valle - Colombia. She has worked on target identification through molecular docking simulations; stability studies of protein-ligand complexes through molecular dynamics simulations; synthesis and characterization of metal complexes and in vitro interaction studies with biomolecules.