Elsevier Basic Sciences Olympiad

Elsevier is a global information analytics company that helps institutions and professionals progress science, advance healthcare and improve performance for the benefit of humanity. When it comes to education of medical students, Elsevier believes that the basic sciences subjects’ need special attention because they play a vital role in developing skills of future medicos. Medical students must be hence, encouraged to strengthen their subject expertise and skills in these areas. With precisely this thought, Elsevier India has launched one of the most popular Basic Sciences Olympiads in the field of Health Sciences- Elsevier’s Basic Sciences Olympiad (EBSO).

All the first Professional course undergraduate medical students are eligible to participate in this challenging and exciting Basic Sciences quizzes. Designed specifically for the I Professional course undergraduate medical students across South Asia, it is one of the most ambitious and extensive quiz campaign by Elsevier helping the students develop their skills and gain a hands-on learning experience . It doesn’t only tests students' knowledge in basic sciences subjects, but also provides them an opportunity to meet and interact with their fellow participants from across the south Asia. Moreover, each participant gets a fair chance to join the elite academic “hall of fame”.