Animal Simulator

Computer assisted learning for animal experiments in Pharmacology and Physiology

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This new learning resource provides a highly interactive and user friendly simulator that gives you a real practical experience. It's the best in Class Virtual Animal Lab for performing Animal experiments.

Key Features
* Experimental pharmacology and physiology based on undergraduate and post graduate curriculum
* Tutorial and examination mode for instructors and students for demonstration and assessment of experiments
* Interactive multimedia content rich in videos, animations and illustrations
* Intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI) for easy and seamless navigation

What’s in it for you?
* Best in class Virtual Animal Lab for experiments
* Includes indepth coverage of each topic
* Offers repeated practice and demonstration for students and teachers with 24x7 access
* Provides performance, usage and test reports to instructors for student evaluation
* Eliminates the cost of maintaining live animals and animal house

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