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Elsevier is passionate about education. Our motivating goal in everything we do is preparing today's students for successful careers in various healthcare professions.

How do we accomplish this?We make sure that today's higher learning institutions and educators are well equipped with the latest information, learning technology and assessment tools so they can effectively guide students in becoming tomorrow's leading health science experts and caregivers.

Who we support

Elsevier supports students, faculties and librarians across the medical and nursing education curriculum.



Medical students

Nursing and allied health students

Signature solutions


Online learning solution designed to work in conjunction with specific textbooks from Elsevier.

ClinicalKey Student

Equipping medical faculty and students with the knowledge they need.


World-class textbooks and reference materials empowering students and faculties to achieve superior results in medical, dental and nursing education.


MedEnact is your one stop search destination for trusted content and supplementary resources – for Medical and Dental college learning and teaching!


Elsevier Student Ambassador (ESA) programme is one of the most thriving programmes of Elsevier South Asia giving you the chance to become a liaison between Elsevier and your college/University.

Clinical Learning is an interactive digital resource for enhancing teaching and learning of clinical and practical skills for the undergraduate medicine curriculum.

Basic Sciences Olympiad

All the first Professional course undergraduate medical students are eligible to participate in this challenging and exciting Basic Sciences quizzes.

Elsevier Catalogue

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