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The modern chemist rarely has the luxury of leisurely research. Success means being first to market with a new pharmaceutical or chemical that is produced safely and efficiently, so the pressure is on scientists to find answers quickly. Reading through long lists of literature to find single data points or viable experimental procedures is not the fastest route to success.

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Solve chemistry research problems - Saving time, Reaxys |Elsevier Solutions

Researchers retrieve the correct answers to their chemistry questions twice as fast with Reaxys. This helps our customers in the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries to get to market first more often and with more confidence. Reaxys replaces the complexity and inefficiency of other research solutions with the freedom to discover, innovate and drive chemistry forward.

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Source: Based on ~1,700 players competing to solve the same set of research problems during 2015 ChemSearch Challenge. Data shown is average time (minutes and seconds).

This means being able to get back to the lab sooner with more confidence that novel compounds, drug candidates, synthesis routes or scale-up proposals will be a success.

Retrieve property and reaction data faster

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Reaxys' smart indexing and streamlined user interface enables even novice or occasional users to retrieve precise physicochemical and bioactivity data points from within peer-reviewed articles, directly answering questions about properties and reactions.

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Understand substance synthesis options sooner

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Reaxys excerpts experimental procedures and synthesis routes from full-text literature, including patents, and makes it easy to compare them to determine the safest and most efficient way to produce a chemical or pharmaceutical substance.

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Compare bioactivity data for a range of substances

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In pharmaceutical development, toxicology, and environmental health and safety, knowing the affinity of a substance for proteins in living organisms is critical. Only Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry offers a way to quickly and easily compare bioactivity data from multiple peer-reviewed sources, leading to quicker decisions about drug-likeness, toxicity and safety.
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Discover relevant literature earlier

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Every Reaxys search gives the option to look at the source literature, delving deeper into the peer-reviewed articles, patents and textbooks. Since users already know which answers come from that source, they can be sure of its relevance without having to spend time assessing it.

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Optimizing reaction conditions and synthesis routes for API production

So much data on pharmaceutical synthesis is available that it can be very challenging to find relevant information, especially when it's buried in longer texts. Dr. Anders Lohse of NCK is very happy with the data and answers that Reaxys quickly delivers for their work on planning and optimizing reaction conditions and synthesis routes for pharmaceutical ingredients.
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routes for API production interview - Reaxys |Elsevier Solutions

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