The Reaxys PhD Prize 2019

As always, our mission is to celebrate some of the brightest young minds in chemistry. The Reaxys PhD Prize is a unique global competition open to PhD-level chemists from all research areas. Being a finalist comes with benefits that can help advance your career, connecting you with other ambitious, talented and innovative chemists.

The Reaxys PhD Prize 2019 | Elsevier

How it works

Submissions for the Reaxys PhD Prize are accepted in the first quarter of the year. Anyone who is currently doing or has recently completed a PhD in the chemical sciences is eligible to enter. Generally, submissions come from over 400 academic institutions worldwide.

Overseen by the Advisory Board, our committee of expert reviewers look at all the submissions, applying rigorous selection criteria to select the 45 finalists for that year. These 45 finalists receive:

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An invitation to present their research at the Prize Symposium, where 3 winners are selected and awarded the prize money

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Lifelong membership in the Prize Club, a unique international network of 350+ chemists from all research areas and career paths

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Personal and unlimited access to the rich content of Reaxys and Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry

All 45 finalists are invited to make a poster presentation. The shortlisted top finalists give a talk about their work. Based on that, the 3 winners are selected.

Submission timelines

The Reaxys PhD Prize 2019 opened on January 17 and closed on March 22. Applicants will be notified about the outcome of the review process before the end of summer.

Submission requirements

To enter, you must meet the following rules and requirements.

  • You must currently be in a PhD program or have completed your PhD after January 1, 2018
  • Your PhD topic must be within the chemical sciences. All areas of research are considered eligible.
  • Only one candidate per research group can apply.
  • You must submit your completed applications online. It must consist of:
    1. An example of an accepted, peer-reviewed article that primarily showcases your work
      NOTE: If you have previously applied, you must submit a new paper that features new and innovative research.
    2. Your curriculum vitae or résumé
    3. A personal statement (describe what you feel is the strongest aspect of your research publication and the potential impact of your work)
    4. A letter of recommendation from your PhD supervisor, including an overview of your qualifications, details of your achievements during your PhD studies, and a clear description of your role

Please read the updated Terms and Conditions ­(PDF, 316.4 KB) for further information.

Selection criteria

The Review Committee apply rigorous criteria to the review of the applications. These include:

  • Clarity of thought and completeness
  • Scientific (chemical) tractability
  • Impact and importance to field of expertise
  • Innovation and originality
  • Overall impression

If you have any queries about the Reaxys PhD Prize, please contact us at


Do you know someone who you think should apply for the Reaxys PhD Prize? Nominate them and encourage them to submit to this prestigious competition. Details will be announced when the competition opens again in 2020.

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