Improving productivity in early drug discovery

Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry facilitates rapid discovery of bioactivity data, including structure–activity relationships. Using the same user-friendly interface as Reaxys, it is designed to boost early drug development.

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Get a biological perspective on chemistry data to empower drug discovery workflows

Making informed decisions in early drug discovery requires data on the bioactive and drug-like properties of substances, especially about their affinity for protein targets in vivo. However, getting this biological perspective on chemical data is difficult with many chemistry research solutions due to the lack of comparability of data from different sources.

Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry, which is available as a standalone research solution or as a fully integrated solution with Reaxys, offers dedicated indexing and query forms to ensure that users can quickly and easily find pharmacological information about chemical substances. What’s more, regardless of source, the data are normalized and offered in a standardized form to ensure comparability.

Perform quick MedChem searches

Quick Search accepts bioactivity-focused queries using keywords like targets of [drug name], QSAR of [drug name] and bioactivity of [drug name].

Perform quick MedChem searches - Reaxys |Elsevier Solutions

Use dedicated MedChem search forms

Query Builder includes 19 query forms that offer easy-to-understand predefined parameter fields so even beginners can build complex searches and tap into the incredible wealth of available medicinal chemistry data. Simply expand the MedChem menu in the right-hand column of Query Builder to access these forms.

Use dedicated MedChem search forms - Reaxys |Elsevier Solutions

Continue your search with Heatmap

The Heatmap is available to all users with a Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry license. It facilitates comparisons of biodata from different publications using pX values (normalized affinity values assigned to the data). Heatmap appears with a simple click on the icon in the top right of every relevant substance, reaction and document screen and helps users continue their medicinal chemistry investigations.

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