Speeding up research workflow to win more contracts in Chemical R&D

Fast and precise information retrieval helps chemicals manufacturers to answer client questions and win more contracts

Answering client questions at the start of a new project requires information — and when those questions concern whether you can produce a chemical and at what cost, getting to the right answers quickly is the difference between winning and losing a contract. PR euroCHEM relies on Reaxys for rapid and reliable answers.

Dr. Rabih-Gabriel Jaouhari - Reaxys Customer Story | Elsevier Solutions


Whether PR euroCHEM receives a request to synthesize a new chemical or a known chemical via known or more cost-effective or sustainable methods, their first step is always research. Dr. Jaouhari goes to the literature to assess the viability and efficiency of possible synthesis methods and to calculate the costs of production. It’s important for him to be able to perform quick and accurate substance and synthesis searches so that he can present the client with a quote that is fully supported with clear evidence.


Dr. Jaouhari uses Reaxys as the primary solution to find the information he needs. He discovered that it is easier to use Reaxys to search for substances based on structure. Along with the substance, he can immediately see property and reaction data, then access literature and patents, and finally assess all the known synthesis pathways. He believes Reaxys is quicker, easier to use and more accurate than the solution previously used at PR euroCHEM.

Dr. Rabih-Gabriel Jaouhari quote - Reaxys customer story | Elsevier Solutions

We’ve had a high level of success with Reaxys in terms of speed, precision and finding answers.

Dr. Rabih-Gabriel Jaouhari, PR euroCHEM


According to Dr. Jaouhari, the greatest benefit of Reaxys is its speed. He estimates it is at least twice as fast to prepare for a new project with Reaxys as with the other solution he has used. Reaxys reduces the amount of literature he needs to read and gives him the full picture. Being able to answer client questions sooner means having a better chance of winning the contract. He believes that Reaxys has helped PR euroCHEM maintain their high level of success.

Dr. Rabih-Gabriel Jaouhari quote - Reaxys customer story | Elsevier Solutions

With the previous solution, it took 4 or 5 days to produce a project plan and quotation. With Reaxys, I can do the same work in 2 days.

Dr. Rabih-Gabriel Jaouhari, PR euroCHEM

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