Finding an efficient method to search for synthetic reactions and physical properties

For this contract compound manufacturer, using Reaxys means that research that used to take days now takes mere minutes.

Founded in 1993, Yoyulabo Co., Ltd started as a contract manufacturer of organic compounds with a staff of four people. Since then, the company had gradually expanded to currently employ a staff of 20. President and CEO Tetsuya Ischikawa believes that attention to detail leads to customer satisfaction.

Interview with Yoyulabo Co., Ltd. - Reaxys Customer Story | Elsevier Solutions


When we used to perform a search of compounds, Mr. Namiki, a member of the team explains, it would take a few days, depending on conditions. We relied on textbooks and on a pay-for-use search service. The process was tedious and expensive. The company needed to find a faster, more efficient and still accurate method for doing their research.


We especially appreciate Reaxys when searching for information on physical properties because otherwise we’re likely to miss a lot of information, Mr. Namiki explains. One example is when we synthesized a product based on the conditions in a textbook and improved the yield through a process of trial and error of reactions. A dangerous side product, however, was produced in a trial scale of the process. Because it was produced in a small- scale process, it did not result in a major accident. However, when we searched this reaction in Reaxys, we found information about the dangerous side product being produced in the reaction conditions that we implemented. We should have searched Reaxys first.

Mr. Namiki, Yoyulabo Co., Ltd. - Reaxys customer story | Elsevier Solutions

When we consider a synthesis method on the request of our customer, Reaxys’ function of synthesis is very convenient.

Mr. Namiki, Yoyulabo Co., Ltd.


With Reaxys, research that used to take days now takes mere minutes for Yoyulabo Co., Ltd. After the introduction of Reaxys, we found that we were able to quickly obtain very useful, very reliable information. And if we don’t find the exact compound, Reaxys finds a candidate thought its search function of structural similarity or substructure, which is helpful, Mr. Namiki explains. In addition, we were able to use the service without worrying about the cost as Reaxys is not a pay-for-use service.

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