Improving the efficiency of search to save time and advance scientific work

When it comes to property data quality, Reaxys meets the needs for effective analytics, saving time and advancing scientific work

Time is a precious commodity for Dr. Carsten Schauerte, managing director of the chemicals company solid-chem GmbH. Searching for high-quality answers was one of the most time-consuming tasks for him and his team until he started using Reaxys. Thanks to its smarter chemistry search capabilities, he can accomplish more in less time.

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The scientists at solid-chem use a broad spectrum of analytical techniques to examine chemical samples from customers. This involves gathering all the relevant, experimentally determined information about the properties of the substances. Finding this information is essential to knowing the optimal techniques to apply in order to deliver impactful answers efficiently. This generally involves searching multiple databases and high volumes of literature and patents, which makes it a complex, time-consuming process.


Elsevier provided Dr. Schauerte with access to Reaxys for two weeks. After just 15 minutes of training with the interface, he was able to use Reaxys in his day-to-day work. He is highly impressed with the volume and breadth of the content and more importantly with its discoverability. He states that the collation of information from multiple sources means that he doesn’t have to search them separately, which saves significant time.

Dr. Carsten Schauerte quote - Reaxys customer story | Elsevier Solutions

I have found Reaxys to have an amount and diversity of substance properties unlike any other tool I’ve used.

Dr. Carsten Schauerte, solid-chem GmbH


According to Dr. Schauerte, Reaxys saves time because it simplifies the overall search for answers. He believes it can help them standardize and streamline their search workflow, making it easier to find properties and the optimal methods for their experiments. Since the data has proven to be high quality and well linked to the literature, they can directly use it. This translates to shorter delivery times and lower costs for their customers. Reaxys helps him and his team accomplish more.

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I’m impressed with the linking from Reaxys to sources, especially to patent content because navigating the different patent systems can be very time-consuming.

Dr. Carsten Schauerte, solid-chem GmbH

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