Interview with Dr. John Parks at Albermarle

Reaxys supports and streamlines innovation in fine chemical R&D

In Albermarle's Fine Chemistry division, Dr. John Parks and his team have to deal with a broad range of requests for compound synthesis. With up to 50 inquiries a month, they need to quickly define and present multiple options for the synthesis of the desired compound and be able to troubleshoot the process if issues arise. Reaxys saves them considerable time, giving them all the data they need quickly.

Interview with Dr. John Parks at Albermarle - Reaxys customer stories | Elsevier solutions


Dr. John Parks is Albermarle Director of R&D, Fine Chemistry. His team deals with about 50 inquiries per month with a wide range of compound types, from industrial and agricultural products to pharmaceutical intermediates. In their work, they have to optimize synthesis pathways, ensuring that they are using efficient reactions and avoiding unnecessarily expensive reagents. They also have to check that they are not synthesizing already patented compounds and ensure that their chosen production process can scale up to meet customer needs.


Reaxys enables Dr. Parks' team to look for multiple feasible routes to synthesize a given compound and check the scalability of the process. When a customer approves one of these routes, Reaxys can still be used to check why a route is not performing as expected. Thanks to the easy access to information about reaction yields, conditions and procedures and compound properties, including toxicity, the researchers can quickly make decisions about how to alter an under-performing synthesis pathway. The focus on experimental data about real compounds is very valuable for chemical R&D.

Interview with Dr. John Parks at Albermarle
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The usability, accessibility, and depth of information in Reaxys are all very, very high.

Dr. John Parks, Albemarle Director of R&D, Fine Chemistry


Dr. Parks and his team are very satisfied with Reaxys, saying it is much easier to use than other information resources they have had. The information is presented in a way that puts it directly at their disposal. They say that every day, they save some time on each search, and that time mounts up to substantial savings.

Reaxys vastly speeds up the time required to develop one or more synthetic routes to satisfy our customer’s requirements.

Dr. John Parks, Albemarle Director of R&D, Fine Chemistry