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How does Reaxys help you?

Workflow solution in Chemistry R&D

Designed to deliver superior outcomes, Reaxys focuses on experimentally measure reaction and substance data, saving you time and preventing false starts.

Search peer-reviewed articles, patents and more

It's easy to find, filter, and analyze data. The search results are displayed in a convenient, tabulated overview, so you can see the most important information at a glance.

Effective solution for synthesis planning

Reaxys supports evaluation of alternative synthetic routes and allows to identify and combine selected reaction steps to generate the most effective synthesis strategy.

Largest resource for experimentally validated data

Reaxys gives you access to over 16,000 periodicals containing 500 million experimentally verified facts to improve chemical discovery and development.

Access to commercial availability information

Reaxys works in partnerships with commercial availability providers to offer you relevant information about available materials, including pricing and suppliers.

Fully integrated chemistry database

The Reaxys Structure Flat File allows you to integrate Reaxys into your internal computation workflows or in-house system.

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Interview with Dr. Johnny Wray, e-Therapeutics

Interview with Dr. Johnny Wray, e-Therapeutics

e-Therapeutics is a drug development group in Oxford, UK, that uses a network biology approach to discover novel drug candidate for biologically complex diseases. Trained as a computational neuroscientist, Dr. Johnny Wray joined e-Therapeutics in hopes of solving a very real problem in pharmaceutical development by using network models.
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Yes. The full-text links in Reaxys gives direct access to the publisher home pages, including ScienceDirect, EspaceNet (the European Patent Office), and USPTO (the US Patent Office). Access to ScienceDirect and external publisher content requires a subscription license. EspaceNet and USPTO are publicly available.

Elsevier has matched the compounds in Reaxys with three databases containing information about commercial availability: eMolecules, CambridgeSoft ACX and Accelrys ACD (Available Chemicals Directory).

In case of a successful match, icons are displayed beside the compound within the Reaxys interface. Simply click on the icon to access the corresponding service.

Please note: access to ACD and ACX data is provided through Accelrys and CambridgeSoft and requires separate licensing. All the relevant commercial information, including quantity, pricing and vendor information is available within the research workflow.

Reaxys supports the following structure editors:

Dotmatics Elemental – default structure editor
GGA Ketcher
Marvin Sketch (ChemAxon)
ISIS/Draw (Accelrys)
Symyx Draw (Accelrys)
ChemDraw Pro or higher (CambridgeSoft)
ICEdit (InfoChem)
CrossFire Structure Editor (Elsevier)

Please note: if you wish to use structure editors other than Elemental, Marvin Sketch, or GGA Ketcher, a Reaxys plug-in has to be installed (download here). Please refer to Reaxys Help for more information on this topic.

Reaxys has this functionality. To allow the user to change the application settings, save queries and search history and set up alerts, a username and password must be set using the “Register” function. Login queries can then be loaded and saved locally on the workstation and results can be saved.