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Boost medical safety awareness among staff and enhance care quality.

"SafetyPlus" is an e-learning tool for medical safety. Using realistic videos from case studies, it teaches incident response in a clear way. It covers safety basics, heightens staff awareness, and elevates medical quality.


Basic Series

Systematically learn the common awareness, knowledge, and skills in medical safety that all hospital staff should acquire. • Understand the significance and purpose of medical safety and grasp the overall picture of medical safety. • Learn the techniques necessary for medical safety through easy-to-understand dramas that are relevant to everyday life, with explanations using the minimum necessary technical terms. • Prepare exercises that can be put into practice in your own work, allowing you to acquire specific techniques.

Case Series

Learn how to deal with incidents in an easy-to-understand manner with realistic reenactment videos based on a wealth of case studies. • Content that easily attracts the attention and interest of the students and allows them to learn with a sense of ownership. • An effective course structure that helps you learn and retain knowledge with review questions and explanations of learning points. • You can learn along the course from reviewing to responding in the event of an occurrence, so you can get training that you can master.

Video lecture series

  • Learn specialized knowledge such as the basics of medical safety and psychological safety through lectures by famous instructors. You can listen to the latest knowledge and topics through lectures by leading experts in each field.

  • Each video is 20 minutes or less and can be incorporated into in-hospital training for effective training.

  • Common to all series: Equipped with extensive administrator functions Creation of facility-specific courses, facilitation manuals, Convenient features such as bulk reminder email distribution and report functions

  • Fully equipped with functions.

Rich administrator functions

Report function for student management

You can check the number of students, test results, etc. by department or individual at a glance.

"Facilitation manual" aids in organizing group training.

The facilitation manual guides group training with example lines, group work steps, and discussion methods. Available in 60-minute and 15-minute versions.

Includes notes for students

It can be used to confirm paper-based attendance and to collect questions and comments from participants.

You can create your own course

Upload custom videos, create tests, and provide training materials. Ideal for self-study and catching up missed group sessions.

“Introduced e-learning and improved attendance rate for medical safety training from 69.4% to 93%”

At our hospital, we conduct medical safety training for our staff several times a year, but the low participation rate in group training has been a source of concern. Since introducing Safety Plus, the attendance rate has improved from 69.4% to 93%, and student satisfaction has also improved because they can take the course at any time and place. Additionally, it was no longer necessary to secure a budget for overtime allowances associated with holding group training sessions at night, leading to cost reductions. I feel that Safety Plus' reenactment dramas are of high quality and easy to understand for all hospital staff. Nowadays, it is natural to use Safety Plus.

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Seirei Yokohama

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