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Nanotechnology in Biomedicine

Aim & scope

The Nanotechnology in Biomedicine series provides a broad-spectrum, collective resource that spans the fields of nanotechnology and biomedicine. Volumes in the series include theoretical foundations and principles, as well as methodical and procedural elements including mechanisms development, optical techniques, characterization approaches, novel fabrication, and synthesis methods, and calculational and modelling advances. A range of applications in biomedicine are covered, from novel drug delivery, tissue engineering, and imaging, to biosensing, biopharmaceuticals development, wound healing, and diagnostics. The series also highlights the regulatory, toxicity, and clinical aspects of nanobiomedicine, often with the aid of case studies.

Nanotechnology in Biomedicine book cover


This series offers a comprehensive resource for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and researchers (some from industry) previously unfamiliar with these topics who wish to gain relevant and current knowledge. The core target audience for this series is the biomaterials community researching and working in the discipline of materials science. However, the series would also be of interest to those conducting research in the nanotechnology and nanoscience fields, with an interest in biomedical applications. The series would appeal primarily to academics but may also appeal to those working in industry as well as clinicians. A secondary audience would cover those who collaborate regularly with the biomaterials community on topics of common interests such as biologists, immunologists, pharmacologists, tissue engineers, chemical engineers etc.

Series Editor

Jayanta Kumar Patra


Jayanta Kumar Patra

Associate Professor

Dongguk University, Republic of Korea

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