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Working in partnership to realize your mission and inspire your communities.

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Elsevier can help you to realize your goals

Our publishing partnerships with societies, institutions and university presses are all unique and we believe in strategies that support your mission and your communities. We pride ourselves on consistently delivering outstanding publishing outcomes through strategic insight, exceptional finances, widespread engagement with your content, growth in open access and key markets, and the knowledge that you have a champion for you and your community.

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Elsevier Societies and Partnerships

Realize your goals

Strategic vision

Elsevier’s industry-leading tools and extensive experience will help to inform and shape your future strategy, centered around your specific goals.

We live in uncertain times and, with a data-driven approach underpinned by Scopus data, we have the insight and connections to help you make the right choices for your current and future journal program.

Elsevier publishes 18% of global research output and garners a 27% share of citations, demonstrating Elsevier’s commitment and strength in delivering research quality significantly above the industry average.

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A champion for you and your society

Ensuring personal engagement and the execution of agreed plans, our publishers are your key point of contact and provide access to production management, marketing, analytics and much more.

In addition, you can be assured of the support and full commitment of our leadership team who place society publishing at the heart of our commitment to the advancement of research and science. Our publishing and support teams bring the same expertise to you that we share with Cell and Lancet, and together we are fully committed to your publishing and financial success.

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“… partnering with Elsevier in launching our journals provided us with the tools and expertise we wouldn’t have direct access to otherwise”

logo American Academy of Ophthalmology


May Piotrowski, MA

American Academy of Ophthalmology

Outstanding author, editor and reader outcomes

Authors, editors and readers score Elsevier’s publishing support and services highly against market benchmarks. This is driven by Elsevier’s industry leading submission system; author and editor tools that save time whilst providing unique insight; first class production focused on quality and speed; and industry leading publishing platforms.

Elsevier’s unique, data-driven approach can help you to identify, solicit and acquire the best content, and ScienceDirect and our journal branded sites can provide that content with unrivaled visibility, profile, and market penetration worldwide.

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“Working with Elsevier felt like a good fit from the beginning – not just in terms of the tools and scope that Elsevier is able to bring to the table, but also the fact that the team that we work with on a daily basis is as excited about the journal as we are. I also judge it just in terms of my team's satisfaction and their experience working with the resources of Elsevier, which has been excellent…”

logo International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine (ISAKOS)


Sue Reimbold

CEO and Executive Director at International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine (ISAKOS)

Open access focus and experience

As one of the world’s leading open access publishers Elsevier publishes over 750 full open access journals and has helped many societies embrace open access.

Elsevier is absolutely committed to meeting authors’ needs and has a wealth of experience in launching and flipping journals to open access; in developing subscription and open access portfolios for success; and in helping societies to respond to initiatives such as Plan S and OSTP, and grow through Transformative Agreements.

The ASBMB and PSA are just two societies that have recently made the switch to Elsevier and full gold open access.

“…We chose Elsevier not only because of its reputation but its reach. And we were very impressed with the individuals that came and spoke with us as they were very knowledgeable about open access… Elsevier really had a dedicated plan for how we went about the transition and what to tell our members.”

logo Poultry Science Association


Jacelyn Hemmelgarn

Executive Director at Poultry Science Association

Leadership in growth markets

We invest heavily for our partners in author, editor, reviewer and institutional outreach in high growth markets. For example, we have built a >20% market share in China at a quality level >40% higher than average. We continue to develop strategies to support Chinese researchers and independent surveys show that Chinese authors are more and increasingly satisfied with Elsevier’s services when compared with other publishers. We understand how these markets operate, have well established and growing offices in Beijing, Shenzhen, Chennai, and many more, and are well connected to key stakeholders.

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“The International Dental Journal now has an outstanding publishing partner in Elsevier, helping to understand and react to the oral and dental publishing environment… Even though we have only been working together for 1 year, Elsevier has proven to be an excellent publishing partner, helping greatly with the transition to this new [Gold open access] model”

logo FDI - World Dental Federation


Ira Lamster

Editor-in-Chief, International Dental Journal

Reliable and robust finances

We understand that a strong financial return is important to you and our financial agreements are based on maximizing your return, minimizing your risk and ensuring the long-term prosperity of your journal(s).

Through our global sales teams and unique infrastructure and resources we are able to maximize your revenues and share more royalties back to you. We are sensitive to your desire and need to manage financial risk. With you, we will take a long-term view, including underwriting financial offers and structuring terms to help you transition to new business models in a sustainable way.

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Society partnerships

Society partner logos

A small selection of our current society clients.

Contact us

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about how we can help you to meet your publishing goals. For more information, and to explore the benefits of partnering with Elsevier, please contact: Elsevier Societiesopens in new tab/window, ([email protected]).

Meet the team

Headshot of Theresa Armstrong


Theresa Armstrong

Business Development Manager

Neil Appleton


Neil Appleton

SVP Society Business Development

Stephen Wymbs


Stephen Wymbs

Society Business Director

Photo of Ahmed Shams


Ahmed Shams

Manager, Business Development

Portrait photo of Wenyi Zhou


Wenyi Zhou

Director of Journal Strategic Partnerships


Read more about Wenyi Zhou
Headshot of Renée Chi


Renée Chi

Partnership Development Manager


Read more about Renée Chi
Elizabeth Yepez


Elizabeth Yepez

Business Development Manager

Societies' Update

Elsevier’s Societies’ Update is an insightful newsletter/blog that features articles on the key issues shaping today’s publishing industry, including ‘case studies’ written by and about our society partners – an opportunity for us to all learn and develop from our collective experiences.