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All conference sessions will take place in the Theory Ballroom, 2nd Floor.

Sessions noted with an asterisk (*) will also be streamed live for zoom attendees.

Monday, October 9th









Welcome/Intro to Judy Verses*

Saad Khan



Judy Verses


DC IR All-Stars on the evolving IR landscape panel: Greatest challenges, key innovations, and exciting future trends*

In the past 20 years, institutional repository initiatives have gone from being deemed a total failure to occupying a central position in any successful scholarly communications initiative –how and why have they evolved into such a necessary investment? More importantly, what future challenges are on the horizon for which repositories can be a key solution? And how will IRs need to evolve to meet those future challenges?

In this opening panel, Digital Commons IR All-Stars will share their perspectives on how the environment has changed, what challenges still exist, and what they see for the future.

Ann Connolly (Moderator)

Paul Royster

Todd Bruns

Lee Dotson

10:35- 10:45


10:45- 11:45

Digital Commons Institutional Repository: NOW – NEXT – FUTURE*

In this session, customers share how they are using Digital Commons NOW to achieve their IR goals at their institutions followed by an update of new enhancements that are coming up NEXT. The session wraps with a sneak-peek of the FUTURE roadmap of IR

Yoga Raghavaraju

Keri Baker

Mary Wu

Elizabeth Jennings

11:50- 12:30

Topic tables/Networking


Lunch break


Out of the Archive and into the Spotlight: Telling the Story of Your Institution Through Digital Exhibits*

Your institution holds a wealth of treasures, many of which are probably already in your institutional repository -- how can you tell their stories in exciting, compelling ways to provide even more visibility and access?

In this presentation, Courtenay McLeland and Alice Sherwood will discuss how they’ve leveraged Digital Commons Exhibits (DCX) to expand the audience of their institution’s valuable content by building curated showcases of institutional history, archival materials, and a variety of other collections

Ann Connolly

Alice Sherwood

Courtenay McLeland


Digital Commons Journals Conversation: Exploring New Frontiers for Peer Review*

This session will include an update on new enhancements for Digital Commons journals, followed by a moderated panel discussion with leading editors and publishing experts focusing on new advances in peer-review: building international reviewer networks, fostering a constructive review culture, and finding effective tools to help improve review quality

Promita Chatterji, Ph.D. (Moderator)

Ronald J. Chenail, Ph.D.

Sigmar de Mello Rode, President of the Association of Brasilian Scientific Editors (ABEC)




Lightning Rounds - Part 1*

- A Redesign of Emory Law Scholarly Commons

- Challenges to Building an Open Educational Resource Collection in the University of Memphis Digital Commons

- Ready, Set, Blast-Off with the Digital Collections of Retired Astronaut Thomas P. Stafford

- Tips and Tricks for Customizing Exhibits in DCX

In this showcase session, Digital Commons community members share innovative strategies for developing successful Institutional Repository programs. We will hear about building and displaying unique collections, strategies for engaging campus and stakeholders, tips for effective workflows, and more!

Andrea Quinn

Kenneth Haggerty

Phillip Fitzsimmons

Tabitha Samuel


Awards Ceremony*


Networking / Light refreshments - Paseo Courtyard, 1st Floor/lobby level

Tuesday, October 10th





Breakfast - Orno Restaurant, 1st Floor/Lobby Level


Envisioning the Future of Scholarly Communications with Digital Commons*

In this session we’ll take a quick peek at the beginnings of Digital Commons, what defined its present state and what we are doing to further our commitment of providing our customers with best-in-class solutions for institutional repositories & content management, while promoting open-access scholarship and advancing scholarly communication worldwide through continuous product innovation and superior consultative services. We’ll let data do most of the talking as we share our vision for the future of institutional repositories and data management with consideration for supporting OA

Saad Khan


Research Data Management using DC Data: Aligning with Funder Data Sharing Policies*

What constitutes the RDM lifecycle? Why does it matter? For whom does it matter the most? Join this important discussion on the impact of funder data sharing policies and assessing preparedness via Data Management Plan and Tool - Sharing real world use cases featuring Digital Commons Data.

Traci Snowden


Better Together: Provide Comprehensive Showcasing and Research Management Services with Digital Commons and Pure*

As a publishing and showcasing platform providing global visibility for the full spectrum of your institution’s content, Digital Commons is a key part of successful scholarly communications initiatives around the world. A Research Information Management system (RIM) added to DC can help you extend the value of your initiative by unlocking additional insights into your institution’s research output. In this session, panelists will share how you can partner with the Office of Research to complement Digital Commons services with Pure, a leading RIM, thereby multiplying the value of your larger scholarly communications initiatives

Randy Love

Todd Bruns

Yoga Raghavaraju

Devica Samsunder

Ashley Sergiadis




Lightning Rounds - Part 2*

Utilizing Student Workers for Digital Commons Projects Playing Nicely with Others: Integrating Multiple Systems for a Common Goal Double the fun: A year of two mentorships

In this showcase session, Digital Commons community members share innovative strategies for developing successful Institutional Repository programs. We will hear about building and displaying unique collections, strategies for engaging campus and stakeholders, tips for effective workflows, and more!

Ellen Amatangelo

Abby Stambach

Lee Dotson


To Build or Buy – Tales from a (former) systems librarian*

With many open-source solutions available to libraries, we are often faced with the choice of whether to “build or buy” - should we invest in developers, or outsource to a service provider? In this session, a former systems librarian who now works at Elsevier shares her experiences making "build or buy” decisions and advocating for stakeholder support. She will discuss the pros, cons, and the (sometimes painful) lessons learned along the way

Emily Singley


Closing Remarks*

Saad Khan


Lunch break

Institutional Repository Manager Course





Welcome and What’s Ahead


Best Practices for Launching and Growing an IR

As consultants to hundreds of IRs, we look forward to sharing helpful lessons and shortcuts we have learned from the community


What Digital Commons Can Do for You

This tour includes the breadth of content types and customizations typically supported in DC and some innovations we have developed in partnership with our community




Taking Stock: IR assessment exercise (small group workshop)

How does your IR stack up? Compare your IR against the best practices and range of opportunities in DC. Then identify potential goals for improvement and exploration in the 1-2 years ahead. Small group discussion with fellow attendees and Consultants to facilitate


Class Dinner - Mamey Restaurant, 1st Floor/Lobby Level

Let’s network! Bird of a Feather: whose IR is <1 year, <3 years, or over 3 years old? Who has (or had) similar needs to your own and could be a mentor or sounding board?

Wednesday, October 11th







Developing Your Mission (workshop)

Brainstorm time. Craft an IR mission statement and elevator pitch so that you and your colleagues can succinctly convey “What does our IR do?”


Finding and Managing the New Content Pipeline (workshop)

Learn tips on finding new sources of content and how to prioritize or streamline projects once your pipeline is full




Digital Commons Reporting Capabilities

Crowd favorite. Let an expert on the Digital Commons Dashboard lead you on a tour of the reports and visualizations so that you can share your success with others


Class Lunch

Network time! If you could add any type of content to your IR this year, what would it be?


Small group training


Promoting Your Content, Your Institution

Find low-overhead ways to promote your content, your institution, and the service you provide


Cookie Cram


Putting It Together into YOUR Action Plan

Now that you’ve seen everything, where will you begin? Let’s keep it

simple and demonstrable

so you build on the momentum of this course!


Conclusions and Certificates