How To Enter

1. Register an account through the online application website.

Scopus Researcher Awards Online Application

scopus awards online application page

2. Start your application (save it in-progress) and include all the following information as required for the selected award category.

a) Research summary: a brief description of the research entered, including objectives and results to date.

b) Judging criteria: a brief description of how the applicant’s research addresses each of the judging criteria.
For judging criteria Excellence in scientific excellence, please use the publishing & research output template. Upload the completed file on your online application.

*Publication & Research output: include only the last 5 years (1st January 2014 to 1st January 2019) of publication output derived from Scopus. Number of citations (excluding self-citations), taking into account the average number of citations per paper, h-index which is also derived from Scopus.


c) CV: curriculum vitae of the applicant (2 pages maximum, pdf or word.doc). Upload your CV on the online application.

d) Recommendation: one written recommendation form completed by referral who is familiar with the entered research. Please use the following template for recommendation form and upload the completed form on your online application.


NOTE: Applications with incomplete sets of supporting information will not be considered and judges will only consider what has been provided.

Submit an online entry form including uploading your supporting document by Thursday, 31st October 2019, 19.00 AEST.

When you have successfully uploaded your entry you will receive confirmation via email. If you do not receive confirmation, or if you require further information or assistance, contact Macy Lee (Marketing Manager) at