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Clinician of the Future 2023

Discover how clinicians across the world view the challenges facing healthcare

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In this report, you will learn more about key priorities for the future of health, including clinicians’ concerns on the ongoing nursing and doctor shortage, their interest and apprehension on the fast-moving world of artificial intelligence, their views on improving the continuous training of clinicians, and perspectives on the integration of scientific research in clinical practice.

Portrait photo of Jan Herzhoff - President Health Markets at Elsevier


Jan Herzhoff, PhD

President, Health Markets bei Elsevier Health

Navigating the rapidly evolving world of healthcare

The rise of generative artificial intelligence (GAI) has triggered intense debate around its potential for transforming healthcare delivery. Understanding local clinicians’ attitudes toward GAI will be crucial in ensuring this technology can improve patient outcomes.

Our new report asks clinicians worldwide for their responses to this emerging technology. Their answers reveal a willingness to embrace GAI alongside trepidation as to how this new technology will be applied to patient care and how medical education will need to respond.

The report also examines concerns around the shortage of doctors and nurses, which remains a critical apprehension, particularly in the UK and US.

How can stakeholders in healthcare meet this challenge and work together to reduce burnout? How can training equip clinicians for future challenges? How can they respond to empowered patient demands, an intensifying focus on public health, and evolving value-based healthcare systems? What role will clinical research and digital health technologies play?

Discover more about how clinicians across the world view these challenges — and how to respond to them — in our Clinician of the Future 2023 report. Read the full reportWird in neuem Tab/Fenster geöffnet or the executive briefWird in neuem Tab/Fenster geöffnet now.

Elsevier joins forces with Think Tank Économie Santé

Partnership | Le Think Tank Economie Santé

The Elsevier team contributed to the 2024 Think Tank Health Economy annual recommendation on the role of artificial intelligence in the healthcare system. We are pleased and proud to confirm, through this partnership, our commitment to more precise and effective medicine and a more efficient healthcare system, for both patients and healthcare professionals.

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Clinical Innovation

Supporting tomorrow’s care delivery

The Clinician of the Future 2023Wird in neuem Tab/Fenster geöffnet report highlights digital technology's role in empowering clinicians, boosting efficiency, and improving healthcare practices. Global doctors and nurses anticipate further benefits from a tech-savvy workforce in delivering quality care.

Elsevier Health executives share their perspectives on the pivotal role of technology, data, analytics, and AI in shaping the future landscape of healthcare.

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Key findings from the Clinician of the Future 2023 report

Responding to Generative AI

Globally, healthcare providers want AI to be part of the training of future doctors and nurses. Clinicians in some countries are more cautious, citing concerns around critical thinking and the need to retain hands-on experience. Where do clinicians see AI as the answer to improving outcomes for patients, and where do they have reservations about its misuse?

Tackling burnout

Clinicians’ short-term healthcare priorities are clear, with a pronounced concern around staff shortages: half of clinicians selected nurse (54%) and doctor (45%) shortages as significant challenges. What help do healthcare providers need to tackle these challenges?

Adapting to a digital clinician-patient partnership

There is a trend toward patient empowerment, with clinicians expecting the use of monitoring tools, knowledge of social determinants of health (SDOH), proactive health management, and health literacy to grow in the coming five years. How can clinicians contribute to the continued growth of patient empowerment?

Uncover the student's perspective on the future of health

Clinician of the Future 2023: Education Edition is here. Discover how medical and nursing students across the world view the challenges facing healthcare.

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