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Radiologist reviewing scans using STATdx

Seamlessly access STATdx from within your radiology workflow

19. November 2021

Elsevier has integrated with Nuance’s PowerScribe solutions to allow users to seamlessly launch STATdx from within their radiology workflow, creating efficiencies in practice when it comes to reviewing cases and creating reports.

STATdx and Nuance

STATdx and Nuance

As case volumes continue to increase, radiologists are faced with enormous pressures to improve turnaround times, while remaining diagnostically accurate. Thanks to the integration between Nuance and Elsevier, STATdx now works with PowerScribe One and PowerScribe 360 radiology reporting solutions to provide seamless access within your workflow. Access to STATdx can now be made through PowerScribe’s Assisted Diagnosis feature without needing to sign in.

Assisted Diagnosis is a feature within PowerScribe and provides links to radiology resources based on your report content. Radiologists select their search term from their report or enter a differential they’d like to explore further in STATdx.

Computer screen showing integration between STATdx and Nuance

The integration benefits include:

  • Improves user satisfaction and helps reduce frictions that contribute to burnout with a streamlined workflow

  • Increases productivity: Seamless access to STATdx through single sign-on within PowerScribe

  • Increases diagnostic confidence and accuracy with direct access to trusted information

  • Enhances reporting: Radiologists indicated they'd be more likely to look for information, if its easily accessible helping them to create more robust reports with actionable information for the reporting physician

About Nuance PowerScribe

Nuance PowerScribe One and Nuance PowerScribe 360 provide quality checks, structured reporting, and clinical guidance decision support to help streamline radiologist workflow and improve the quality and timeliness of reports.

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