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Nursing simulation for novice nurses

Shadow Health prepares new graduate nurses for practice by strengthening clinical reasoning and therapeutic communication skills. Cutting-edge simulation environments offer realistic interactions with a diverse range of virtual patients.

Illustration of a female patient in bed

Shadow Health provides realistic virtual patient encounters that:

Hone clinical reasoning and therapeutic communication skills

Nurse leaders are managing countless challenges - from evolving education needs, to the nursing shortage, to a significantly more novice workforce. How do you ensure your novice nurses are prepared to provide quality patient care? Verifying that every new graduate nurse is practice-ready is critical, not only for quality patient care, but for overall satisfaction and retention.

Three nurses talking

Promote safe clinical reasoning and interventions

With Elsevier’s Shadow Health, your new nurses will apply clinical reasoning skills through realistic interactions with a diverse range of virtual patients. Through cutting-edge simulations and 3D imagery, users build proficiency by caring for patients in a safe, standardized virtual environment.

Shadow Health illustration of a pregnant patient

Enhance therapeutic communication skills

Your nurses will learn by shifting from prompted dialogue to natural, free-flowing conversations. With this engaging approach, they will develop the critical therapeutic communication skills and confidence needed to properly treat diverse patients with highly complex conditions.

Illustration of a man holding his daughter with a UI illustration of Shadow Health features

Track and measure clinical readiness

Gain clear insight into how well each new nurse is performing with a comprehensive blend of benchmarking, subjective, and objective data. Your nurse managers can focus their efforts where their support is needed most. You’ll improve your novice nurses’ competency to build a high-performing team.

Shadow Health illustration of patient

Ensure novice nurses are ready to make important care decisions

When you give your novice nurses a safe, realistic learning environment, they will become ready to practice faster. And, with a clear view into individual performance, nurse leaders can identify nurses who are struggling to offer personalized support.

Shadow Health illustration of patient information

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