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Real-time drug pricing analysis and query builder

A comprehensive drug product and pricing solution that guides drug pricing decisions and drug pricing analysis. Gain a deep understanding of historical and competitive drug pricing trends while staying current on newly launched drugs and drug products.

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Discover ProspectoRx

Gain immediate access to important pricing data

ProspectoRx delivers drug data in real-time when announced by drug manufacturers and made available on the effective date. Drug information is available when you need it to drive important business processes and decisions.

  • Demonstrates market-leading timeliness

  • Generates market-wide view

  • Supports ability to react to drug price volatility and market complexities

  • Fosters important business decisions

  • Data updated throughout the day

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Create intuitive searches

ProspectoRx makes it easy to find and use information you need. Look up individual products by industry standard identifiers, (UPC, NHRIC, and NDC 10 or 11). Search by labeler code – generic, company, and label name – to manage drugs on formulary.

  • Provides quick glance into pharmaceutical industry

  • Save personalized searches based on product, ingredients and more

  • Create watch lists for price change alerts

  • Date-oriented searching

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Enables precise drug product analysis

Facilitate ad hoc pricing analysis without the need of additional IT resources. Generate detailed reporting views via a friendly user interface. Leverage our product hierarchies by grouping products into competing market baskets based on therapeutic intent.

  • Gain business insight

  • Leverage data hierarchy and classification system

  • Sophisticated reports based on therapeutic intent

  • Understand competitive pricing trends with flexible market class listings

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Supports informed pricing decisions

Leverage our adaptive technology by exporting data from – ProspectoRx and seamlessly inserting into your own data applications helping to expand your business intelligence capabilities and driving efficient and more informed drug pricing decisions.

  • Export data into your own data applications

  • Expand business intelligence capabilities

  • Helps drive more informed pricing decisions

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Learn why ProspectoRx is right for your organization

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Real-time access

Timely drug information to drive key business processes and decisions
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Intuitive user interface

Exporting data and seamlessly inserting into your own data applications, expands your business intelligence capabilities and drives more informed drug pricing decisions
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Intelligent data architecture

Leverage data to gain a deep understanding of pricing trends
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Personalized queries

Drives more-informed drug pricing decisions

Frequently asked questions

Speak to an Elsevier representative about bringing real-time drug pricing and product data to your institution with ProspectoRx.

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